Differences Between Medical and Recreational Marijuana?

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  1. Insert obligatory hello.I've been doing some research on medical marijuana, thinking that it may be an industry I'd want to get into. However, I've also noticed that the Medical MMJ field and the Recreational MMJ field are completely separate. Here are my questions that Google seems to not be able to help me with:1. What permits, licenses, etc. are needed for both fields? I saw that employees in the Medical field require special licensing. Is that true/is it the same for recreational? I'm asking for growing medical/recreational and medical/recreational dispensaries.2. I've also seen lots of advertisements and links for schools. In order to work any position in either field, is an education required or preferred? What are the best schools? I'm sorry, but $99 for CTU seems like I'm going to get what I paid for (a bogus certificate and a loss of $99. Please correct me if I'm wrong). Are there any dispensaries and/or grow ops the DO require some form of marijuana education?3. What the fuck is a collective/co op? Apparently neither of those words Google recognizes.4. Is it possible to open up shops/restaurants that sell marijuana infused food and drinks? I'm sure it is, but if so, what are the requirements to open one?5. Would some places take an internship? How would I go about finding one and what qualifications would I need?If there's any extra information that would help me I'd super appreciate that as well. You don't have to form an answer for my questions, a link with all the information will suffice just as well! Thanks everyone<3Sent from my iPad using Grasscity Forum
  2. I can't answer most of your questions, but as for the actual product there is no difference whatsoever between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. For having special licenses to work in the Medical Marijuana field, that may or may not be the case depending on state. You do not need any such licensing to grow for medical dispensaries. Dispensaries don't require a higher education to get hired. From what I understand a collective is a group of caretakers (Those that grow for med patients) working together.
  3. Apparently your googler isn't working or you don't know how to use it.  Contact the state if your interested.  If you want to own a business, you'd better have at least $100K.  If you want to be a grower - I suggest you get a green card.  If you want stand at a counter and wait on stoners all day for minimum wage, maybe you can find a job doing that. 
  4. In California it cost 30k to start a collective getting up licenses and everything. Will be opening one soon so I have checked out California laws and allSent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I317 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  5. lol. you guys are lucky, id get locked up for all that in my country.
    shame really the uk could get out of this recession if they tax it like California does.
    my goverment sucks!! Good luck ! 
  6. California is in serious financial ruin and most of the "medical" weed goes untaxed.  Weed won't get you out of a recession.  My thought is it will be a small part of a future recession when the price crashes to what weed is really worth as an agricultural commodity - basically nothing.
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    Samsanite..... Way off. Come on where do you get this stuff.
    Giving the government more money will solve our our problems. They can't even balance a budget let alone run one.
    I love the " tax " it fallacy that these kids fall for every time.

    Just like in co right. Where about 75-80% of that tax money on weed goes to enforcement and regulation aka someone's pocket.
  8. well in the UK at the moment our free healthcare rights to every is being affected, schools closing. They up the tax on ciggerates and alcohol to solve issues like this because there is just a total lack of cash in the system in my country, the MJ trade is worth billions , why not put that dead money into the system by selling and taxing it ?

    Oh and just to comment, oil is organic...... lol still worth cash man....

    P.s all so series here ,, smoke a j n chill
  9. That money doesn't go into the system. It goes into big fat cats pockets. It won't solve any financial issues in the us. They just say that to get the suckers to vote for it.
  10. One answer. The difference between the two is..... nothing at all.There are no set standards or regulation for quality control. Some dispensaries my have there bud tested and only sell what they decide is up to their "standards" but other than that its all just wordplay
  11. [quote name="smokeNtoke99" post="19393218" timestamp="1390508337"]One answer. The difference between the two is..... nothing at all.There are no set standards or regulation for quality control. Some dispensaries my have there bud tested and only sell what they decide is up to their "standards" but other than that its all just wordplay[/quote]So as far as permits and the like go, those are the same as well?
  12. I totally agree it does, but better then it being illegal and getting arrested maybe jail time for just a few small plants, I say let them have it, at the end of any money making scheme or buissness there's a fat cat with a big pocket, just the way life is.
    Too many smokers wish for legalization and want to be able to just grow as much as you want freely, but in reality that will never happen. Might as well try a more realistic way of over coming this I'd say would be to sell and tax it. Like every other product/substance we buy everyday. Just my opinion.
  13. Not even jail time. A real decriminalized law would be preferred. Under oz leave you alone. A few small plants leave you alone. Wow. Kinda sounds like ca without the government being balls deep in it. The whole store fronts thing is a joke. Just a way to jack up prices.
  14. Shit, did you see the video where a congresswoman was interrupted by Justin Bieber's arrest? That's proof of a downfall in our country of the United States.
  15. That's gonna happen in the states eventually. More and more states are talking and coming up with plans for legalization and decriminalization.
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    if you look at the facts. a medical dispensery will have testing equipment for molds and funk where a rec store may not????  also, a medical atmosphere is just that, being understood as medicine whereas a rec store is all about the fun and not so much the medical. We all know that med pot is the same as rec pot but the places that sell as med or rec will be the final decider for what the people walk out of the store with.
    honestly, we need med way more than rec for that reason-- treating it like medicine ( tested for med quality status) to be used to heal with instead of just rec as something to toy around with sometimes.
    if you go to the doc now do you expect to get street drugs that are made in someones garage with god knows what or are you expecting 100 % clean meds made in medical approved labs ( albeit fake synthetic meds) at least they are clean.
  17. Hey OP you may be interested to know i have recently been researching the same info.

    The bookmarks are on my work comp and I'm on my mobile. If you go to google, search for:

    Colorado.gov marijuana retail code

    On that site there is a page containing the draft regulations but also the "final" regulations which had recently been adopted. There is a separate page for industrial hemp.

    There is one set of registrations for recreational, one for medical. Both are roughly 57 pages long. But the definitions and most clauses are very similar.

    Anyone interested in doing anything needs to study up. I recommend doing what i did: put on a pot of coffee and have a quick board meeting with bob marley!

    For example, an infused product manufacturer has to qualify to "kitchen standards"of food handling certification and health inspections.

    Co2 extractions have different processing related requirements than butane and iso.

    Everyone including the owner must be trained to operate equip and do the required safety inspections and maintenance. All these procedures must be documented and available on site as a manual.

    Both rec and med are required to be vertically integrated -essentially growing their own supply- until Oct first. Apparently something set in motion will allow a split in the two.

    But the requirements are laid out in the regulations. Several cannabis news articles had brief summary (one about concentrates) regarding these regulations. But you really have to read them yourself.

    Also bookmarked... I found the gov site that lists all of the separate license fees. One for med, rec, infused. Different prices based on plant/business level. Someone starting out as a simple infused product maker looks to be the cheapest route but that also means you can't sell the product yourself. It has to be sold by a med or rec license holder. If I'm not mistaken there's also a separate license depending on what type of solvent extraction process you use.

    It may be titled... Marijuana retail fees ... Or something similar. But it van be found on google and may be on that same Colorado.gov site.

    Best of luck, cheers to the new industry!
  18. Also the 57 page regulation file included info on the testing requirements. If you're making concentrates especially, regardless for who they have to be tested for mold and other dangerous microbes.

    And unless I'm mistaken.. Both routes require strain info and testing for the various cannabinoid levels.

    I agree it can be a challenge establishing in business terms, whether medical or recreational is a better route to go. The Co op groups are coming under scrutiny in CO because it is considered a loop hole that allows them to claim the plants of an "un approved" amount of people.

    Apparently they want it capped at thirty plants, five patients.

    All routes require some thorough looking into!
  19. 00Hassel We Salute You!!   everyone needs to look it up and get interested in the exact way your doing it

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