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differences between eating and smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by blacksmith, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Ok, I'm a total noob, I've only smoked (and the only times I actually got high were when smoking from a bowl, the one J I tried did nothing, maybe because it had tobacco mixed in, and i fucking HATE tobacco, all it did was make me cough and make my mouth taste horrible.... I'm going way off topic here)....

    Anyways, I'm wondering what the differences are between highs from eating and highs from smoking.
  2. Smoking is less intense than eating. Duration period is much longer.

    Last time I did edibles about a month ago, I ate 8 brownies of dank and "greened out" half way through. Woke up the next day in the backseat of my car still high as a bitch.

    Make sure you have a free day on your hands.
  3. or just make sure you don't eat 8 brownies lol
  4. Eating also creates a faster tolerance
  5. Smoking hits you really quick where as eating takes a good 30-45min or so. Eating is more of a constant steady high that increases over time and then starts to fall, smoking is really intense at the beginning and then wears off. You should try it out, make some firecrackers and chow down. Tastes kinda gross though haha
  6. Eating gives you more of a stronger high, and lasts for longer. It does take a good 30-45 minutes to kick in.

    Smoking is much quicker for your high to kick in, though it doesn't last as long.
  7. so what if I eat and smoke at the same time?

    and are the highs themselves different in nature?

  8. I liked brownies the 2 times I had em. But they weren't super potent so it was just a 3-4 hour strong buzz/ slight high. Definitely seemed slightly different in quality.

    Hell, even a bong high seems different from a joint high. It's all about how fast it hits you imo. I think eating tends to be more like an indica high also.
  9. I eat weed brownies quite often and weed cookies and for me the difference from smokimg is it usually last longer and is stronger in a way but when I eat it, I usually get a real good body buzz but like others say takes about an hour to kick in.

    I think that if you eat a brownie then smoke a joint or a bowl right after the brownie kicks in faster, but thats probably my imagination,

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