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Difference between veg and flowering?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Newbez, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. Veg probably means vegetation right? So I'm assuming this is when it starts growing out. And flowering is when it starts .. flowering. Okay, so I get that but as a complete noob and someone who hasn't grown anything before, how long does it normally take for plants to start flowering?
  2. Veg uses a 20/4 light schedule (20 hours on 4 off) and flowering uses a 12/12 light schedule. Once you flip your vegging plants plants to 12/12 they will start to flower in about a week or two
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    Yes. Vegging means vegatative state...when the plant grows just as It would during Spring and Summer outdoors..theses are the times of the year with the longest days and more can go with different veg light cycles: 24/0-20/4-18/6....18 hrs light, 6 hrs darkness is considered the norm...when you cut the light to 12 hrs light and 12 hrs darkness, you are tricking the plant into thinking the Fall season is coming, and it immediately will start to kick-in to producing flowers and resin ( if its a female) so it can reproduce before Winter arrives ...pretty crazy!!!

  4. It depends. Growing outside is different then inside. If your growing outside then its in veg stage all the way till late August..why because there are more light then day. As fall approaches theres more dark then light 12/12 and cannabis is like oh shit its time to mate so all the cannabis worldwide start to go into flowering...males pop up and females. Then on average about 2 months after that there ready to harvest.

    If your growing indoors space is usually a factor in 99% of all grows. For myself I can't have a 5 foot plant..outdoors I could. So basically most veg for about a month then put there lights on timers and switch to 12/12 inducing flowering. Cannabis when it hits flowering doubles, triples in size..sometimes more. So for like myself I can veg up to about 8 inches then I switch the lights and hopefully don't have a plant that is over 30-36 inches tall. The size of my plants is dictated by the size of my grow tent/room.
  5. To make it simple : When you Plant your seeds ( germinated ) put them under 18 hours if light and 6 hours if darkness ( you do not have to go for 24 hours of light ) so keep your plants under that schedule for one month , then change the light schedule to 12/12 and plants going to start developing flowers . Keep them under 12/12 schedule for another 2 month.

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