Difference between Toro double-Micros and full-sized tubes

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  1. I am looking for input from people that have tried BOTH double micros and a full sized 7/13 or fused 4/13 Toro water pipe. I have tried both the double micro 7/13 and froth/froth, but not side by side, or within a reasonable time to determine the difference between the micros and the full sized tubes...

    Please only respond if you have tried both, and have knowledgable input to give me.

    Specifically, I am considering selling/trading my fused4 to 13 arm Toro full sized tube for a double micro either 7/13, froth/froth, or 7/contrax 13, and if possible a circ/8...
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    I have not hit all of what u listed but most and the circ-13 micro IMO is the best of all u listed.

    Edit: I mean shrub sorry

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