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Difference between these nugs?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Prof. Oak, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, so my latest pick up is kind of strange. I see nugs like the ones on the left all the time, but what's with the ones on the right? They're all smaller, darker green, and tiny little balls (arrows) come off of them. Just wondering if anyone could tell me a little about the difference here. Different parts of the plant? Different harvest?

  2. Left buds are nice dense dank, buds on the right are mids.
  3. i do believe the nugs on the right are a sativa dominant strain(fluffy buds) and the nugs on the left are an indica dominant strain(dense nugs).
  4. Premature seeds I would guess.
  5. Left dope is denser, right dope is mid - grade that will still get you through the night man
  6. Those little flakes you have arrows pointing to probably feel kind of like those little pieces of popcorn kernel that are flakey and always get caught in your teeth, right? I think that's kind of the "husk" that develops around a seed. Sometimes you get weed with that, sometimes it looks like a seed but it smashes between your finger and is soft (I've heard this called the seed pod?), other times you get those with a seed in them, lastly you just get straight seeds, I guess depending on what point into the grow process it hermied or got pollinated. When it hermies, you want to chop it usually to try to avoid it becoming fully seeded.

    Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

    Also, as far as the nug shape and consistancy, sativa is more "bushy" whereas indica has a denser nug.

    The color can be effected by everything from strain to where it's grown to what time of year it's grown.

    TLDR; left looks like some classic indica dominant nugs, right looks like some sativa dominant hybrid that didn't get much love.
  7. left is definately indica, right is sativa.. looks like it wasn't cared for enough. :smoke:
  8. Yall can't tell if that's sativa/indica from the pic gtfo.

    Those are premature seeds man. The right looks like lesser quality mids. I don't like the dark green musty smelling mids that come around some times. Can't tell if that's what you have without smelling/smoking it but it looks like it.
  9. Thanks guys. I've got them separated now to see if i can tell a difference when I smoke them.

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