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Difference between regular stuff and kush?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stitches326, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. So, I'm really new to toking. I've only smoked three times, and every time I just smoked skunk weed. What's the difference between that and kush? :bongin:
  2. Kush is a strain of weed. The "regular stuff" you probably get is no name weed. When some people say "Kush", they think that they're talking about high level herb. This is a misconception because Kush is a strain name. Kush genetics are known for their potency but if you don't grow it right, genetics mean nothing. Skunk is also a strain of weed.

    Skunk is a Sativa.

    Kush is an Indica.
  3. kush isnt a description of quality, its a strain of cannabis.

    People use kush incorrectly to describe good weed.... skunk, also being a strain (lol) doesnt refer to quality either. But skunky smelling weed, generally would denote a good smell to it.... but the difference between good and bad weed, is pretty visible... good weed sparkles with trichomes, doesnt smell musky, well, it can, but there is a unique musky smell to bad weed, sometimes lower quality bud looks like its been compressed because it was packaged like a brick.....

    the difference between just regular bud and dank though, is less apparent.... Its kind of something you will develop over time... but when you get some super dank weed, its extremely obvious
  4. mids or regular stuff wouldnt be a strong and wouldnt taste like some good weed like good weed would have a pine,skunky flavor and your mids wouldnt taste a good and also would be less strong so you wouldnt get as high but since your new to smoking i would say mids would get u pretty high
  5. Regular stuff is like your jacket n your shoes.

  6. Alright, thanks guys. So the high between the two aren't really that different? And while we're on the topic, what about purple weed? I heard the effects are extremely different.

  7. Purple doesnt mean shit, its just a color lol, i HATE how people try and hype it like its worth more or gets you higher.... it doesnt lol

    But the high from "regular" bud and super dank weed, isnt the same... the dank weed will deliver a much more potent long lasting high
  8. How do I figure out if it's dank or not?
  9. #9 S0UR, Aug 3, 2011
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    Smoke it
  10. Really? There's gotta be a smell or look or something.
  11. Ull be able to tell when you get your first dank pickup usually full of crystals and allot brighter green

  12. Dank

    Not dank

    and, dank weed should actually smell good, even though skunks smell bad (and not all weed smells like skunk, some smells like the sweetest aroma you could imagine) while not so dank weed, just smells kinda like hay with a musk to it

  13. Dank: :hello:
    Not Dank: :eek: people smoke that shit?
  14. that helps a lot man, thanks. :bongin:
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    you'll be able to tell when the time comes :smoke: :hippie:
  16. How about effects. How does your high feel from shitty weed and dank weed?
  17. Better weed makes more euphoria with an awesome high, shittier weed will just get you high but you'll probably just get bored and fall asleep.
  18. Ok because I must have some shitty weed. When I toke I usually have very heightened senses. I get easily amused, everything amazes me, I can watch anything on tv and did it interesting in a different way, food tastes amazing and sex is incredible.
  19. but lately I have been very sleepy, not as happy and feel very foggy. It's a different batch of bud but unfortunately all the bud I get is noname.
    unless its fro a dispensary or the grower the name is probably made up anyway when you get some "name brand"

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