Difference Between Oils And Concentrates?

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  1. What kinds are there and what is the difference?
    Full melt? Wax? Shatter? Glycerin? Tincture? Help me out here. I'm looking into getting a pen vape but all the different things that can be used in them confuse me
  2. I would also like some insight to this...

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  3. Well all of these are forms of concentrates and they all come about as a result of different extraction methods.
    I apologize I cant tell you a whole lot about glycerin and tincture but as for the others I can.
    Full Melt is a form of hash itl be thick and dark and difficult to break up by hand if your putting it on bowls although I have no experience with it in a vape pen it just doesnt seem like the best thing to put in one of those when BHO is an option.
    Wax and shatter are both forms of BHO (butane hash oil) there differences come from the purging process.
    Wax is going to be more crumbly and have the consistency of dried out dirt (depends on the wax though some can be a lot more viscous)
    Shatter is going to be kind of like easy to break up ice in consistency and will be a golden to dark brown in color.
    most wax ive come across is lighter in color than shatter.
    I dont know all that much about vape pens but out of any concentrate I would say wax is my favorite so give that a shot!
  4. Ive just used Honey Oil, Wax, Shatter, Sap. The honey was gooey thick liquid like molasses, Wax was like stick paste, Shatter was solid and sap was like taffy thick. 
    The variations in any Concentrate and Oil are the extraction methods. All of them lead to a very nice high though.
    Theres alot of pen vaporizers out there now with alot being the liquid kind that Electronic Cigs use. Then you have the kind that can do waxy oils and herbs. They sell 3 in 1 pens as well. They usually tell you what there used for.

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