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Difference between Nugs and Shwag (plants)

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by One Hit Wonder, May 17, 2005.

  1. ok...i am wondering what is the true difference between nugget plants and shwag plants. some guy told me all plants are nuggets until they get pollinated. he said shwag is just shwag because the males have got to the females. i didnt think this was correct. i was thinking it was a difference in genetics etc.....but if i got seeds from a bag of shwag and grew them and didnt have any males, so that i had just female bud...would they be considered nugs?...if not, i didn't think so...

    thanks for the help
  2. Well really it depends on the finished product of bud. but ofcourse there are some sub-par strains (ie. mexican strains)
  3. If the male pollinates the female your going to have buds with seeds. And if youve got this your either crossing strains to get yourself seeds or you dont know what your doing or you made a honest mistake. Usually the buds are dried superfast and you come out with shitty weed which is swag. But its possible to get some mids if you dry and cure the buds correctly.

    You can take a bagseed and grow it into some nice good bud if you chop any males before pollen is released. So no, swag and good nugget come from the same plant but along the way things went bad and out came swag :eek: .

    So yeah the guy who told you that had grasped the concept.

  4. that is good info....and im glad as hell i can grow good ass bud from some shity bagseed

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