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  1. Ok also does anyone have any idea how to tell which is male and female? My dad says he can tell when they get about 8 in to 12 in, but it'll take me forever to get him to come look at them. Anyone have any suggestions? :)
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  2. Hey Becky, when you are ready to flower your plants you switch the photoperiod to 12 hours of dark each day.The male plants will have balls that open into yellow flowers that release pollen.Unless you want seedy weed,get rid of the males before the flowers open.
    Female plants will have two small(Approx.1/4 inch)fuzzy white stigmas(hairs) raised in a V.The stigmas will be attached to a green pod.
    It seems confusing at first,but dont worry.Once you have seen it a few times you can tell at a glance.
    Here is a picture to help www.erowid.org/plants/show_image.php3?image=cannabis/cannabis_gender1.jpg

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  3. you have to look underneath the stalks of the plant to see if there are pistils or pods developing. If there are pistols, you got a female, if you have pods growing then they are male. I actualy only use this method as a way to double check because males are so easy to see in a big, complete garden of females and males. The females should be a fair bit tall at this point, and males should be short and be very bushy, this tells me almost instantly but I always double check for pistils or pods to make sure.

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