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difference between lighter?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Airbud, May 18, 2010.

  1. i was chillin with my bro and i said i wanted a zippo.. he said that zippo lighters aren't good for smoking.then disposables and jet lighters are...can i get some closure on this?
  2. I have a zippo and I don't use it to smoke weed with because the lighter fluid leaves a nasty taste.
  3. Jet lighters burn it too much. Stick with a bic or hemp wick.

  4. what do yo smoke out of? i smoke out of a little one hitter will this still effect the taste?
  5. I use a zippo and a bong, I've never noticed a taste difference using the bong.
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    i have a zippo, but i tend to use bic lighters if i have them. there is a slight taste difference, but its not a huge deal to me. id say for the purpose of enjoying weed, use a bic though.

    Edit:i havnt noticed the taste while using my bong.
  7. I've used it to light my spoon and my bat that I've got and it leaves a noticeable taste but I havent tried it with my bong.... So maybe it depends on what you use...
  8. stick to bic. its the #1 lighter of stoners. and it will leave a taste because of the gas it uses.
  9. zippos are cool, but lighterfluid burns with a dark taste and i hate it. its okay for cigarettes but in joints, not so much. butane dosent have this problem. theres a way you can have both though. you can buy a zippo blu but those are 80$+ the quick solution is the z-plus. i bought one and i love it. its basicially a zippo but it uses butane. i dont remember what i paid but i believe it was between 6-12$.

    heres a pic of a z plus. its not my photo my phones dead so...

    its a torch lighter so make sure not to torch all the weed in a bowl, just enough to get a cherry goin. buy a standard zippo and order one of these. a smoke shop must have these in stock or buy them online. its basicially an insert for your zippo. with this you can have that zippo look you love but with butane.

    alternatively you can buy a pipe insert which has a hole in the side so the flame can be sucked through when put horizontally. the downside to this is that it still uses lighter fluid. i wanna buy one of these so bad. the brass one with a small pipe decal in the corner is around 14$. gotta add it to my collection

    also not my pic

    hope this helped. + rep if it did

  10. thank barnaby! theres a cigar store about a block ill check it out and make my zippo lighter fluid free. thanks man +rep
  11. yeah, zippo fluid tastes disgusting, but also when you hold a zippo unside down(to light a bowl) the flame goes into the metal top part, making it hard to light.
    Stick to Bics!

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