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difference between kb nd beasters

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bongbro420, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. i no kb is better obviously but iive seen pics of beasters that look pretty good. can someone telll me the differences in appearance. thx
  2. All of these descriptive adjectives are relative terms.

    What's KB for one person may be beasters for someone else. :smoking:
  3. i gotta say im insulted this was moved to apprentice tokers lol. ive been smokin pretty much everyday 4 2 years now. i guess i shouldnt have trouble tellin the difference but i do sometimes.
  4. KB is one of those relative terms, but you're wrong about beasters. I can easily identify beasters because it's pretty much the only weed I've been smoking for two years (stupid town). It has a specific look and smell.
  5. If it's a question, it belongs in that section.

    The section covers more than one area... Not just if you're new to smoking. :smoking:
  6. neither of these are strains ... both "qualities" almost as silly as refering to dro as a quality but not quite ... beasters are often recognised by many orange hairs and often large buds ... kb is considered between mids and dank really most on the site would pay about 15/g ... depends on area i for one get dank at 10/g so why try and get worse shit for cheaper? but my connect is going away for college (friends brother) so should be getting my last shipment soon.
  7. I usually refer to KB as being a little better than beasters but really not much of a difference
  8. KB is simply "kind bud" which is a general term for any type of crystally hairy or skunky weed. Beasters are technically buds grown in the BC province of canada, but can mean any assortment of things throughout the two neighboring countries. around here beasters are generally referred to as not great dank, but still good smelling and probably pretty green. heady bud, headies, nuggets, are all common names for the real good stuff. If someone is trying to sell you "beasters" ask them to clarify or just check out the bud before you buy it. If it's worth the money (around here dank stuff is 20 a gram about 60 an eighth) then getting the name right doesn't matter, just getting your head right.
  9. my and my friends dont even use any terms like that. we either say good weed bad weed decent weed, or sometimes if its great - high grade weed. thats it. i believe that most of these words were made up by people who want to look cool cause they smoke pot.

    not saying that people who use these words are trying to look cool, but a question to people who have been smoking for 30-40 years: did you have all these different names for different quality weed?
  10. in that case (judging by the pictures) i only smoke beasters, sometimes fire. never know strain names though. EVER.
  11. kb and beasters are the same thing

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