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Difference Between Indica and Sativa High

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by mushroomchild, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. Hey, I'm newbie on this site, but not so much to smoking pot. Anways, I'm not totally experienced, and I was just wondering, what are the differences between an Indica and Sativa high? -to keep in mind I have a panic disorder, and have a rare tendancy to freak the hell out. What type of pot do you think suits me best? Thanks a lot.

    --"But I would not feel so all alone... Everybody must get stoned!" Bob Dylan.
  2. Im not 100% sure but Indica is more of a relaxing body hi, as to a sativa is a more head high
  3. Heavy Indica bud is a big body high, good couch-locks and stuff like that.

    Heavy Sativa bud is a head high, real fun.
  4. Basically what everyone else said... Indica is what you smoke to relax and just stare at the ceiling and contemplate shit and then fall asleep really well... Sativa somewhat wakes you up and makes you really fuckin happy.
  5. lookin to get a lil nutty- sativa
    lookin to kick it like a handicap- indica
  6. Yeah, I think the first time I really got stoned was on an Indica strain. It freaked me out pretty bad, because I was absolutely positive I could not move. Very bizzare. But since then, I think I'm smoking Sativa, because I get a sense of mental clarity along with being creative. I dunno. Thanks for the replies.
  7. This is a question I'd been wondering, myself. I'm brand new to your forums here and brand new to smoking. I had a conversation with the bassist in my hand and he mentioned this exact deal, that a Sativa high was a lot more of a functional high while an Indica high was more of a knock-you-on-your-ass high.

    When I smoked with my friend last week, I was good to go and we went out to a friend's party downtown, I was feeling really good. Then, this stuff I happened upon for myself through another friend a couple days later, I smoked that and ended up sleeping for eighteen hours.

    As such, and as an addendum to the question posed by the initial author, how can you acquire one strain or the other? If you're wanting something from the Sativa strain, what can you do to ensure that you get it?
  8. Only real way is to 1. Have a great connect who has a great grower who knows his genetics. That way they know what there growing so they can tell you what your getting. 2. Get known genetics and grow your own.

    And of course you will know after you smoke it if it is a dominant strain. Many strains carry both indica and sativa qualities (hybrids)
  9. Do they look different?
  10. Sativa - energetic, creative, inspired, happy, goofier highs. I just want to go run around, talk to people, paint, etc when i smoke a sativa type. i prefer sativa over indica any day.

    Indica - you just feel super chilled out. It can produce a couch-lock, which is okay, but it isn't for everyone, so if you like to just kick back and do nothing, than indicas might be for you. it's more of a head and body high, and it usually affects my coordination.

    in terms of your panic thing, i have some anxiety shit too, and i have smoked both indicas and sativas and not felt a significant difference. just don't smoke TOO much and you should be quite happy either way. definitely try both, just to see how they work for you. also, many strains are hybrids between the two, so ask about what you're smoking.

    good luck!
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    This has been a question of mine as well, because it seems like I have 2 very distinct highs, which could be explained by smoking sativas, indicas or hybrids.

    I actually enjoy the couch lock, being totally focused on an intense movie or music. But sometimes I get this high where i'm really fidgity and paranoid and can't even concentrate on a movie for 5 min without getting into something else. And I have noticed these difference with different sources of cannabis.

    I spent some time with someone who has grown for years. He has everything he grows named and explained what each one was supposed to do. In the mornings when we were up running around and doing other shit we'd smoke some Train Wreck (Sativa dominant) which did really seem to be more of a head buzz, almost caffeine like drive to keep busy. The only problem was we would keep busy but branch off onto other projects and get sidetracked really easy.

    I did ask him about how I could achieve the couch lock effect and he said indica was the way to go and handed me a bag of what I thought was purple haze, but I have recently found out thats a sativa as well, so I'm not sure now what it was, only that it was an indica. I took 2 hits off that and got couch lock immediately.
  12. I get either couch locked or go into genius mode.

    I miss the days of laughing hysterically/geeking.
  13. I just started smoking, so I usually just smoke when like my friend gets bud. So I never know what I'm smoking. but A few times after I was done smoking I starting like freaking out because my mind was going 1000 miles per hour. I'm guessing that was sativa? And other times, I was just chill as fuck. I prefer the chill as fuck high because I like to actually be able to think straight. But if I'm buying weed should I ask for Indica/Sativa or would I sound like a dumbass? Usually when I do buy, I just say like "Hey get me a gram dank" How do I like "order" weed? I probably sound like an idiot but please help I'm new lol
  14. I've been staring at this message window for too long. :smoking:

    What I've been trying to say is that unless you are picking up from a dispensary or a grower with a passion you are generally going to be picking up indica-dominant hybrids. The characteristics of indica strains are more desirable for many growers do to it being a shorter, bushier plant with flowers growing closer together and with a higher yield per plant than a sativa.

    The body-high, pain-killing, couch-lock sensations common in many indica strains are easily recognized markers of quality for the kinds of customers that most dealers have, much easier than the desired effects of some one interested in a sativa.

    Keep an eye on your dosing if you are worried about it agitating your panic disorder. One of the medical uses possible for weed is treatment of anxiety and panic disorders, but this varies from patient to patient.
  15. Definitely smoke indica man. It will give you more of a body high and relax you the fuck out. Don't smoke sativa if you think your gonna freak out cause you have a much higher chance on sativa. Get some OG Kush and enjoy
  16. if your paranoid sometimes smoke hash ;-)
  17. If you want to chill and not get paranoid then Indicas are for you.
  18. [quote name='"DreykThePirate"']If you want to chill and not get paranoid then Indicas are for you.[/quote]

    I get way more paranoid on indicas

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