Difference between F1 and F2 strains?

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  1. I was wondering why the Nirvana seeds were so much cheaper then the others ($15 for Nirvana Seeds Jack Herer, or $150 for Sensi Seeds Jack Herer) at seedsdirect. So I e-mailed SD and I was told that the Nirvana seeds are so much cheaper because they are F2, whereas the more expensive seeds are F1. I was also told that the F2's are good for beginner growers and people who want to try multiple varieties.

    I was not told what the difference between F1 and F2 are though or what any of the drawbacks to F2 are. Do any of you know? If its not much of a difference, I'd rather go with the F2 since they are so cheap and I can buy 100 F2 seeds for the price of 10 or 15 F1 seeds.

  2. http://boards.marihemp.com/boards/msg9x39660.shtml

    maybe u can get the info u need from that site.

    if u want my little blirb...

    f1 = first generation of two diff backgrounds.

    f2 = sex between inter f1 love.

    mom / dad are f1
    sister / brother sex of f1 mom and dad are f2.

    why are they cheaper? well its easy.
    i bought jock horror from gypsy. it was an f2 (or f3,f4 etc) of someones purchase of the original jack herer. they made seeds and sold them to me as f2 jock horror. i have a homogenious group of seeds so i dont have to worry bout pheno, i know what im gonna get the genetics of that f1 so im cool with it.

    but what is the original jack herer? that is a mix of two diff varieties (or more, i think jack is a 4 plex) so i had to worry bout who mom is and who dad is. but once i have that mix of mom and dad that i called 'jack herer', that perfect mix of phenotype that im looking for, i have to stabilize it. that is a mix of backcrossing to keep the phenotype that u are looking for generation after genations of f2 and beyond. there is some labor there to get something that is worth it (unless ur a lucky bastid). then after u have what u think is a good mom and dad of what is jack herer and i have 1000 seeds from that love, then i sell those 1000 seeds to u for much cheaper than the original work, f2. or i take 20 of those 1000 and i keep them for production and i have f3, etc.

    so real jack herer (f1) is the love between 2 diff varietys. the jock horror (f1+x) is the prodigy of the original.

    really dont kid urself, ur getting f3+x usually unless u are 'in' the original circle.

    so u ask me, froggy isnt there a patent on the name jack herer. there certainly is but u cannot patent f2+x. u can patent the love of mom and dad but u cant patent the seeds after that plant grows up and has sex of its own. cuttings yes, seeds no.

    if ur really interested in this type of stuff, and u wanna learn what ppl are doing to try and rule the plant world, u should look up what is called 'gene mining' and 'terminator genes'.
    some wonderful and scary at the same time things going on.

    hope that doesnt confuse u anymore than before i read this but i was smoking some f3+x blueberry that is out of this world and i might have gotten a bit incoherent :)
  3. Whoa! I wasn't expecting that kinda answer! LOL Thanks, that does make it a bit clearer.

    So pretty much, the F2's are fine. I'll get those then. But I find it kinda strange that they would have such a big price difference.
  4. think of production.

    first widget is 1mil$ but the next million of them are 1$ a piece.

    u want f1 if ur a breeder. if ur just buying seeds, f2+x is more than fine.
  5. Great! Thanks. I'm gonna order a few packs soon. Try a bunch out.:D
  6. another thing.

    u could theoretically grow the same genes forever.

    but in the practical world, breeding with just ur sister isnt good.
    genes start to have problems down the road.
    but until u become the master of breeding, f2+x are more than fine.

    im more than happy to find f2 of quality. that's what i get. until im ready to start breeding 'froggys blue delight' or 'purple road frog', im happy with searching f2's of what is out there.
  7. What if I bred Northern Skunk with SkunkBerry(Peakseeds)...Would this result in F2 seeds??

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