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Difference between Dro and Dank?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by PalmPrePerson, May 19, 2010.

  1. #1 PalmPrePerson, May 19, 2010
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    Hey guys,

    I asked my dealer for the best of the best and it seems to me like according to the appreciate guide to quality that its Beasters. ( I could be wrong If so let me know )

    Here is a attached pic so you can tell me if im right or not. Best pic out of all the ones I took.


    I added a pic so you can kinda see all the hair.

    Let me try my best to explain it.

    Few dark green parts on it, more light green, A crap load of brown hairs. Very few if any stems. If you hold an LED flashlight to it a couple of crystals not a ton. Not super stinky like my last batch but a nice noticeable odor. Not like compact as a block but not loose either, kinda middle lined. $20 Dollars a Gram.

    If it is Beasters is there a huge difference between Beasters and Dank? And if so like what? If its Dank, then well I guess that settles it then.

    Palm Pre Person

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  2. dro just means its grown in a hydro water sytem..i HATE when kids think its a strain..
  3. dro is shorthand for hydroponics, a method of growing marijuana, and has absolutely nothing to do with the quality/potency of the herb, as you can have awesome bud grown hydroponically, or complete shit if the grower doesn't take care of it.

    these days many refer to "dro" as marijuana that is not quite classifiable as mids, but also not dank. Some other terms would be beasters, kind bud, etc. if you're paying 20 a gram, you should be getting dank, finely manicured bud, with plenty of trichomes. picture is too small, too poor of quality, and unfocused, so i can't say if you're getting your moneys worth
  4. Beasters are a term for bud that's been exported from Canada to the US. Beasters are generally "de-keifed" and have the trichomes stripped off of the outer part of the buds to make hash from. Beasters are still generally good quality, but there is a big difference between them and dank. Not dissing beasters though, before I got my medical card I used to buy them all the time and they would get me ripped. Probably still would. :D

    EDIT: Unfortunately from the quality of your pic I really can't determine the quality of the bud :(
  5. Ok I have a old school 5MP digital from HP that takes horrible pics, I have a Palm Pre with the 3MP camera and it takes crap pictures. ( The 2ed one the attached one )

    Any way to get a good pic without going out and buying a Nikon.

    And I have no clue where the bud comes from wether its imported or locally grown.

  6. +rep man.

    Other day I had a kid call me up for some "dro"
    I proceeded to waste his time and explain what dro really stands for, and educate him.
    Calls me the next day using dro as the same term.

    Ignorance is bliss :rolleyes:
  7. Here is some of the grapefruit pheno of Soma's New York City Diesel aka "Grapefruit Diesel"...both from the same locally worked clone, both flowered for the same amount of time, one ebb & flow with standard hang dry and jar cure, one was pseudo-organic amended soil with the herb left to die in the pot rather than cured.

    Can you tell me which is which?



    they are colloquial terms for "good bud" and that is all they should be used for. peace man
  8. Here are the best of the best pictures I took.

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  9. Stuff looks really brown. you say you have a 3mp palm pre. that should do the trick on gettin decent pictures just mess around with it.
  10. Pardon my ignorance, but why in the FUCK would you ever do that to good bud?

    "Here, let me give you my Playboy...after I've ripped out all the pages with naked girls on them. Hey c'mon now, it's still good! It's got all the articles in it!"

    I mean, I guess it's still all good and all if it still gets you ripped, but man...WTF...

  11. haha LMAO:D
  12. Canadians are greedy by nature, but it's only because they're angry that they can't see the moon from their country. Because of how lame those poutine-eating moose jockeys typically are, a lot of the commercial "beasters" that come down here are not only cut early and completely uncured, but sometimes wet and oftentimes thrown through a tumbler or screen for the kief to make hash, as the guy above said.

    thing about it is, I've had M39 (which is the strain that the majority of large scale commercial growers across Canada use) and if taken to 65-70 days instead of the 45-55 most do, properly dried, and cured for a while.....not bad herb at all. it's a shame that the only time most americans have M39 is in the form of the beast :mad:
  13. LOL :p

    But yeah, I'm sure M39 isn't too great for you guys in the states. However, since I'm only an hour and a bit from Toronto where my M39 is grown, it's usually pretty good here and cheap too. The stuff I just picked up was actually covered in orange hairs and quite frosty.

    p.s. I can see the moon fine
  14. Yeah's NL#5xSK#1, classic cross just not grown to very high standards on the commercial market up there :p

  15. Ive had amazing m39 multiple times in orange county, ca.
  16. yeah for sure, people around this area call it "chindro" because it's grown on huge scales commercialy by the Chinese in Toronto.
  17. ^This

    it also pisses me off...
  18. M39's are gross. When its grinded up its all fluffy like fucking cotton, and it tastes like dick.

    Pay the extra bucks and pick up the dankness
  19. Tastes like dick? Ew.

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