Difference Between DIY Bongs And Real Bongs?

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  1. So I've been smoking for the past 7 months daily and everything that I've smoked out of has been DIY. I just now, after getting my mom's approval (still living at home), was able to order a real bong.

    How big of a difference is smoking out of a typical diy bong (water bottle, pen tube, socket) and smoking out of a real bong, such as this: HVY Glass 11" Fumed Straight Water Pipe

    Because that's what I ordered. Do you think you get any higher because it's more efficient or something? I'm super pumped to finally have a nice piece rather than this mouthwash bottle bong. I know this particular bong isn't the best or anything, it's just what I had the money for and I'm perfectly happy with that.
  2. It's a huge difference. Glass hits so much better than the crackheaded contraptions people come up with.

  3. ^ Ignorance.
  4. great choice, i would get a new showerhead downstem and bowl, maybe an ac too if youre looking to upgrade

  5. I would love to compare your best water bottle bong to his HVY tube.

    Night and day difference in my opinion as well. Plus it's ultimately healthier to be inhaling smoke that hasn't passed through metal and plastic.

  6. I have no need to make homemade pieces. I have multiple glass pieces, plenty of papers and a vape on the way. But to say that a glass tube with a six slit downstem hits better than ErrorFlow's inverse showerhead/ disc perc, or most of sleepy96's homemades to provide a couple examples, is a complete fallacy. Granted they will last longer than plastic (if they don't break), and might taste a little better.
    Saying that glass is ultimately a healthier smoking medium is also true. But so long as the plastic piece is relatively clean, the difference is negligible. So that point is moot.
    No bad vibes, just debate. :smoking:
  7. I guess I haven't seen those member's specific contraptions, but all the tubes a friend and I used to make with those kinds of percs never hit as well as an all glass piece.

    I'd also like to point out the ease of cleaning a glass tube compared to plastic.
  8. Compared to what youve been using, yea it'll be a big difference

    Don't change anything on it just yet, use it and adjust from there

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