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difference between bowl and a slide

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Waconbacon33, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Hey I own a few small pieces but I want to upgrade and buy a bong eventually, can anyone explain the difference between a bowl and a slide. I know one of them uses a down stem and some people say that some bowls don't fit because they have different sizes. I just need someone to explain everything about them to me please.
  2. Bowl as in spoon? If your talking about spoons vs bong slides the difference between a bong slide and a spoon is that a spoon is a complete smoking system where as a bong slide is just a part for a bong. Spoons are 1 piece of glass with a bowl for weed, generally a carb so air can flow through and a mouth piece. A bong slide is just the one part of the bong where you put the weed.

    Advantages of a bowl are that they're generally much cheaper than buying the complete bong system and they're much more portable. Advantages of bongs/bong slides are that parts on a bong are interchangeable and upgradable, water filtration, and cooler smoke.

    Bong slides come in 14mm and 18mm and attach to the downstem BTW.
  3. Bowl hold weed. Downstem links bowl to bong and usually can come out

  4. thanks I guess where i was confused was that some people refer to there slides as bowls
  5. to me bowl can be the pipe or the slider. context clues my nigguh.
  6. A bowl is what Potencies posted which on the left. Note how it fits into the downstem on the right, but doesn't have a err.... stem(?) to it, it simply makes an airtight seal. A slide is this:

    It is different, in obvious ways.

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