Difference between baking soda and baking powder

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  1. When cookin up some rock is baking powder ok? Cant find shit on it

    I know baking soda works...but I dont have that. So before wasting money...will "clabber girl baking powder" work?
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    from scary movie:

    Cindy's Dad: Oh you are my little girl, I love you so much that I left you a little something in the coffee can. But you have to remember to step on it before you sell it. Now, what are you going to cut it with?
    Cindy Campbell: Um... baking...
    Cindy's Dad: Baking soda. Not baking powder. Because baking powder guys will have muffins growing out of their noses.
    Cindy's Dad: You love that joke, honey. You've loved it since you were two years old.
  3. Damn...guess im goin to the store after all
  4. when you put baking powder in water, it will fizz up. do NOT use baking powder.
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    hahaha the guy im cookin with went ahead and tried it while I was here. Yup he goes "I dont think its the same cause this looks like foam" hes gonna try to smoke it anyway

    Im gonna get some baking powder but ive also got some ammonia but im not sure if its the right type and ive never made it that way before..dont have a glass eye dropper either but I could prolly work around that.

    Is there an easy minimal items needed guide to making hard with the ammonia? Not makin alot

    EDIT: Yea this definitely aint right...its not watery but its not hard...its like a chunky paste. He smoked some wet and says it works a little. Looks like it works some but it had to of wasted some snow

    Fuck it its only a spoonful. Live an learn
  6. next pickup im doing the same :)

  7. DON'T try and make freebase if you don't have anhydrous ammonia or at least the clear ammonia with no scent and no color. You also need diethyl ether.

    It's a very dangerous process too, you need to do it in an open, ventilated area or else you're risking blowing your house up and setting yourself on fire.

    Since you used baking powder you have no chance of getting any of the coke back out of it since it contains flour/corn starch along with a salt and base, instead of a base alone 9like baking soda).

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