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diff types of weed and diff highs

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 2001gtp, May 18, 2010.

  1. I have been on this site for a decent time now but never post sooooo for my first.....:smoking::smoking::smoking:so i must say i have been smoking for about three years now, and one thing i notice is that no matter how much fire i smoke and how often i smoke it. I still get absolutely ripped off of the occasional buddies blunt with mids or regs in it... NOW when i say fire i mean killer homegrown bubblegum :cool:.... sour diesel , blueberry, trainwreck, wheelchair and koush. YES its all legit and real bud. why is that that i still get high from that other garbage.. I smoke killer abt 3x a day and its a good g or more per blunt. anyone else notice this...

  2. could just be the good vibes from chilling with your friends
  3. lol by no means am i a loanly smoker, besides my nightly blunt. i smoke the other blunt with my buddies/.......any one have same effects:confused::smoking:
  4. hmm, how much of the reggies/mids do you smoke? reggies'll getcha almost just as high but you have 2 smoke more, if its fire you'll get twisted from less:smoking:
  5. i can smoke a g of fire and a g of reggie and ill obviously bee high as fuck from the fire and its real clean high.. but the reggie last way less but is also xtremely intense... it baffles me lol:rolleyes:
  6. Mids have a way higher CBD/CBN/CBwhatever content than most of the dank out there. Also, cannabinoids have an effect on the mind that makes the THC (from dank, and mids) seem to leave the body/head a lot slower than normal, so that's probably why you feel so ripped after smoking middies.

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