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diff ibetween indica and sativa?

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by ak47stein, Feb 17, 2003.

  1. Hey,
    I just found out about this site...pretty nice.
    Anyway, what is the difference (in appearance and highs) of indica and sativa...i've got a pic of my stuff right now...which would you guys say it is? thought i might ask as well, since there are obviously some seasoned veterans in here...know if it's any particular strain as well?

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  2. i cant reall ytell what strain it is but it looks like good weed anyway
  3. Looks like Sativa to me...but I could be wrong. Sativa or Indica, looks like some nice bud. Have fun smokin' that shit.
  4. i would say it looks predominatly indica, having very tight buds vs. the more fluffy airy buds of sativa(i think i got that right), but it is hard to tell w/o touching them or seeing leaves or smoking.
  5. too hard to tell without seeing and feeling could even be cross...a 50-50 or 60-40......Peace out....Sid
  6. that bottom bud looks like africa
  7. in my town... we call budd like that triples or triple o's for some reason... who knows?
  8. id say indica.. sativas are a bit leafier and less dense
  9. its a Sativa, u can tell by the look of it. Its, around here, what we call "Nuggets" or "nugs" since everyone usually has their own words for it, its usually 20 a gram... and its definatly an UP high
  10. nugz = buds
  11. looks like beasters to me.
  12. yea, looks like some bc's to mee to... same stuff we get around here.
  13. nah man,
    it definitely wasn't beasters, i know how that goes...
    this shit was way good, knocked me up way high.
  14. if ur paying 20 a gram for that weed i need to move where you are. that hella taxin man. i can get that stuff there for about 150 an oz all day long.
  15. Anyone whos payin 20 bucks a gram is gettin ripped... I refuse to pay more than 10... The shit's plentiful & i've got no problems gettin it, someone tell me 12 and I laugh :smoking:

  16. very true
  17. that definetly looks like a indica bud
  18. Whats the Main Differnce between indica abd Stavia?

    Like Leaves, Highs, ETC?
  19. indica leaves usually fatter and rounder, sativa more long and finger like. and i dont think anyone can actually tell you whether its sativa or indica jsut by looking at it. if it was a whole bud though, like a cola, might be easier to tell cause of density and shape.
  20. That looks like some straight up beasters, i was smokin that shit earlier this week. good nug, mad dense.

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