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diff between smoking an vaporizing

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by dynamutt, May 16, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone I have a question I read online that tho vaporizing is very good and healthy that it doesn't give some medical benefits from burning the plant like when u burn it ur burn some chemicals from in the plant itself not just the thc like in vaporizers can anyone prove or clear this up for me?
  2. There is a lot of debate about this subject, but there are not enough scientific studies to truly answer this question.

    There are charts of temperatures at which each active compound of cannabis "vaporizes", but there is disagreement about how relevant that information really is.

    There are different styles of vaporizers, including fixed and variable temperature vaporizers, that may vaporize the compounds at different rates (many vaporizers can exceed the highest temperature required to vaporize all active compounds).

    There is even debate about whether vaporizers with temperature setting controls can really affect the cannabis at the dialed-in temperatures.

    There is some evidence that combustion (smoking) of cannabis may actually destroy some of the active compounds because of the higher heat.

    The bottom line is that despite all of this "debate" there is still an overwhelming body of anecdotal evidence that vaporizing cannabis can deliver the medicinal effects very efficiently.
  3. Ok cool thanks I think ima try to get a good dial in with a whip and just heat up the vap slightly higher but run it through a water piece to cool it down I know some people who say add on pieces for vaps are awesome

  4. Careful, not to hot, could have what I call a 'flash' with the herb in the whip (sudden vapor combustion and subsequent burning of plant matter). GAWD those flashes taste nasty:eek:
  5. Any ideas on a good vap one with a whip cuz I'm lookin to attach the whip to a good piece
  6. Vapor bros
    Da buddha
  7. ya, I have a Vapor Bros...but am concerned with all the back-ordered items (whips and parts):eek:

    Silver surfer is a nice one, if you can find it.

    if the MFLB had a version you could plug in, and push a button to activate, I'd buy it as a spare :D

  8. Not sure if you were joking here...I think you probably were.

    Magic Flight sells an AC power adaptor for the MFLB that plugs in and allows you to push a button to activate. It is currently in the beta testing phase but should be rolling out for retail sales soon.

    But you probably know that :D
  9. Cool ima probably pick one of those up and connect t to my glass never experienced it but sounds like vaporizers r the shit
  10. vaping will omit some of the full bodied effects you would normally get from smoking.

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