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  1. any of u guys got any good ideas for a good diet friend needs good advice......i toold him not to eat as much lol
  2. It's hard not to eat so much when you love food..

    I grew up where we had good food and pleanty of it... We were always having people over or going to someone elses place and food was always pleantyfull..

    My sugesstion is to not sit around and be around food all the time.. Occupy your time and keep busy... Make smaller servings when you do eat....

    Also stay away from chips, candy, and soda!!! <<< thats the quicjkest way to gain weight!

  3. yea... and peanutbutter.... thats so fucking fattening!!!

  4. HAHAHAAHA!!! lol :D
  5. get a small food poisoning like i have right now..
    have eated 3 slices of bread in 48 hours..

    fuckin gas station hot dog ;)
  6. My friend has a when we are watchin tv he will jsut get up out of nowere and open the fridge and all u see is him stuffing a bunch of food ............nothin i can do to help him
  7. To drop the pounds off do the no carb diet for a couple weeks. Eat only baked and grilled fish and chicken. No crackers, bread, sugardy stuff, etc. I used to do that shit for wrestling and you can lose weight so fast. I'm a skinny mofo and I know I could lose 5 pounds in a week or two by cutting out all breads, potato products, pasta, etc. Eat only baked and grilled fish and chicken. Make sure to excercise a decent amount, too. Never eat after 7:00 pm. Get up early and excercise and then excercise again before bed. I used to run 3 miles every day and wrestle 2 to 3 hours a day while wearing 2 t shirts, 2 long sleeve t shirts, 2 sweat shirts, and 2 pairs of sweat pants. I kept my weight down as far as I could back then. Now I'm up to 145 pounds and I'm 5'11".

  8. saying that diets don't work is like me saying......

    i am living proof they do...succa...what....:D

    i rocked the modified atkins diet and dropped 50lb's....

    if its just a cple lbs he wants to lose though stop eating bullshit and cut down portion size.....

    if its a major amount, cut the carbs....

    if all else fails.... start doing longs of drugs....don't eat....and waste a way for a good month, either way... good luck !
  9. i got teh opposite problem, i struggle to put on wieght and even to just maintain what weight i do have.
  10. One should eat more fresh foods and less processed foods.

    Fruits, veges...InferiorWang is right about the carbs but I think that people still need to eat some.

    Not drinking sodas is the best thing someone can do for themselves. I feel so much healthier when I just drink water. Water is so good for you.

    (Some people think that the "facts" stated in that may not be true but I'm sure that the facts about water are for real.)
  11. can anyone recommend a good low carb dieting book? You'r supposed to research this stuff before you start the diet, and I'd kinda like to know what I'm looking for when I go the libaray... that or a really good website...
  12. These no carb diets are BAAAAD! Think about it- your body is DESIGNED TO RUN OFF CARBS FOR FUCKS SAKE. Respiration is the conversion of GLUCOSE to pyruvate and from there to ATP. Beleive me when I tell you that the atkin diet may get you a little thinner but your body will produce way more cholestorol than it should- it's not good for you.

    You wanna loose weight- exercise, eat CARBS rather than fatty foods, get protein in REQUIRED AMOUNTS (I.E. body builders need more than the rest of us and even they don't need the amounts you would eat on an atkin diet- though the dumbshits still practically OD on protein), eat when you are hungry and only when you are hungry and exercise- that's all you need to do.

    Trust me- I went from 14 stone to 11 and a half in little under a month or two from eating less drinking more (water) and running my ass off (just cos that's what I liked doing- running).

  13. thats why you have to do modified no carb diets.... when i did... i only consumed spelt flower products...low carb flower produced from bean sprouts... and naturally occuring carbos like, in some fruits.... just stay away form

    you do nedd some carbs, otherwise its bad for your body, but if you just eat enough to reach the state of 'ketosis' your all good an ready to drop some lb's...

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