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    Anyone know the street price? Does $150/L seem right for 99.5+% purity?
  2. please dont ask prices and discuss selling on GC its technically against the rules but that doesnt seem to stop the 100 of kids that post threads exactly like this everyday. i see you only have a couple posts some maybe you will take the rules in consideration before posting. by the way welcome to the city:wave:
  3. Not selling, im buying. Either way didnt know general price talk was against the rules given how much of it I see... sorry.
  4. What the hell? Diethylamine? As in... Lysergic Acid Diethylamine? You trying to cook acid? Cause... That shit not easy man. And I dont know anybody who has ever come across diethylamine, from what I hear its usually synthesized by the cooks, not bought.
  5. exactly my point, there is at least a hundred thousand threads on this exact subject. if anything use the search button to see if your question has been posted before. either way it really creates a lot of clutter in the forum if everyone asks "is this a good price for this" its better sometimes to find out yourself then to rely on a internet source to tell you want to buy, we all live in different areas and price always varies so its really pointless to ask. once again welcome:wave:

  6. Dude im certain you have NO idea what you're talking about. There isnt a single other thread on this topic here, why don't you try the search button? Diethylamine isn't a drug, its a chemical. And MrDude its common sythesized for use in rubber production by many chemical companies, but thats not what I plan on using it for ;)
  7. $150/L actually doesn't sound to bad considering what you could get in return for it. I have bought plenty of other chemicals that cant return nearly as much profit for prices like that. Are you completely sure its legit diethylamine?

  8. No kid i DO know what im talkin about. you have what 25 posts. Man ive seen thousands of thread similar to this. maybe not exactly what your wanting to find out but pretty much the same shit everytime. Seems to me if you knew what your doing like most chemists your wouldnt need to know the price of a chemical most of the people have never heard of. And you most certainly wouldnt be asking the opinion of random people on the internet.
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    Im nearly certain, I've got some pretty good faith in where its coming from.

    Look dude you may have over 900 posts but the fact is you aren't a mod so stop hijacking my thread. And yes most chemists would know the retail value but thats not what i'm looking for, i'm inquiring as to the street value. Because Diethylamine is a DEA watched chemical im not going to be buying it through a chemical supplier at retail price. And im also not looking for the "opinion of random people on the internet", im looking for someone who knows about buying chemicals without the paperwork and can respond accordingly.
  10. Good luck with that, lol. :rolleyes:
  11. what, so a blade's post count is a direct relation to how much knowledge he has? if you really think that then you spend way too much time on the internet my friend. and just for chucks, i did a search for what the OP is asking. there really isn't any info on specifically what he wants to know. so before you tell someone to search, stop and think for a minute. better yet, before flaming someone to search, maybe YOU should search so you don't end up with your foot in your mouth.

  12. x2.

    five characters.
  13. x3 : ]
    kid needs too chill out.

  14. have you been to rec use at all, ol chum? this is half of the posts on this site.

    i don't quite know what you're getting at, he made a legitimate post about a question he has.

    so please refrain from providing any unhelpful information.

    Oh, and Joker....welcome to PANDORA'S BOX.
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    OP, unless you can tell us what you're using it for, we can't really help.

    My bet is that you're going to use it as a precursor or re-agent, or you're going to try and get high off of it.

    EDIT: Ok, now I know you're trying to synthesize something like fentanyl or MPPP, or you're trying to make LSD.

    I'm intrigued.

  16. Sounds like he wants to make acid but he said that it can be used for rubber so he could say he wants to make "rubber" and not have the gov'ment on his ass haha..
    Sorry man but I have no clue how much that would cost.
  17. Thought I'd give an update, today I picked up 3 liters (minimum possible from the supplier) for $375 after getting him to drop the price a bit. Might not be particularly captivating but I could keep a running log here of how things are progressing if anyones interested.
  18. It would be more interesting if we knew what it was..
  19. Sorry I thought people got it after what MrDude said, it's for an lsd synthesis. I have a background in organic chem and know lsd isn't out of my reach to synthesize. I've been interested in it for a while and recently found a supplier for most of the hard to procure chemicals. I'll be working with two other partners, one of whom has the lab connection we need. After todays pickup we're well on our way (we've got the ergotamine tartrate and the diethylamine so the rest shouldn't be hard to find) so we should be doing a first run of the synthesis by the end of the week.
  20. Good luck with that, and it's not too terribly obvious since that's a fairly new method for LSD. There's also quite a bit of other shit you can synth with diethylamine, opiates and other tryptamines included.

    Do you have a GC/MS or other analytical equipment? Acid is too easy to fuck up if you're not 100% on with what you're doing, and I wouldn't want to take a dose of other alkaloids or some nasty shit.

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