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    I am here to tell all you will listen about a new diet that I have been on for a few years now and it has helped me immensely.  There is no calorie counting or fasting or any of the other ridiculous fad that are out there today.
    A little about my success before I dive into the specifics.
    In late winter of 2011 I was obese, had no energy and thought that I would be obese forever and thought that an early grave was going to be my fate.  I was about to quit trying to be healthy and started to stress eat which didn't help very much, but I figured if I was to be fat then I should have fun.
    My mother, who is a health guru, told me about the blood type diet. Dr. Peter D'Adamo did the research during the 60's and 70's and found out that certain foods make your blood agglutinating and lead to inflammation that is the precursor to disease.  Its a diet that tailors specific foods to your chemistry.  Here's how it works.  The common diet that everyone has, you know pasta, meat, dairy, little to no vegatables may suit some people, but not everybody.  The blood type diet in one sentence is:  a diet where certain food acts like medicine and certain foods act like poison depending on what blood type you are (A, B, AB or O). 
    The blood type diet selects the veggies, fruits, seeds and nuts and meats based on your ancenstry.  And no its not the paleo diet, but they do have some things in common.  For instance I am a blood type A the agrarian blood type.  This is the blood type that was the first to have widespread agriculture and had no dairy influence and are lactose intolerant. (Wish I knew that years ago).  So depending on your blood type you should get a guide that show what foods are healthy and which are poisonous.
    If you do not know your blood type for $10 USD you can get an blood type kit.
    Here @
    Of course there is more than just eating, you need proper exercise, pleny of fluid intake and stay away from processed food and sugar.
    In the beginning I just went by the diet guidelines.  I eliminated, for my diet specific, beef, pork, dairy, and certain veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds.  Even though veggies, fruit, nut and seed all seem healthy some will, depending on blood type, will cause inflammation.  So check your diet according to the blood type guidelines.  I found out that citrus, tomatoes and certain nuts will cause stomach acid problems mainly cancer and acid reflux.  I always thought these were healthy and I now can feel how they have been ruining my body.
    In additon to the blood type diet I also eliminated gluten.
    I know the blood type diet and the paleo diet have some things in common.  They differ in the fact that the blood type diet uses chemistry to pinpoint the types of food you should eat. 
    I thought I would share, please ask questions if you are interested.

  2. Very interesting! Just checked it out, seems to have some truths to it. Will read more tomorrow.

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  3. sounds like BS
    if there is any physiological difference to how we absorb food, the biggest source of that variance should be more due to ethnicity or geographic location
  4. Kinda funny that my replies so far have one person who says "that's bullshit" and the other says there could be some truth to that.
    That is exactly how it goes in the real world.  Every time I tell 10 people about the blood type diet, I get half that say bullshit and the other half say that its something they will look into.
    In my case, the ones who say they'll look into it are my college friends, the ones who say its bullshit are the ones without college and drive ice trucks or work at coffee bars.  I think there is a correlation.
    If you look into the Peter D'Adamo diet it shows that there were, about 100,000 years ago, four blood types that evolve from one blood type.  It is based on geography and partially ethnicity.  Nowadays the world is a melding pot and being a pure race almost no longer applies.
    Also, its not for everyone.  Some people just won't get it.  It does help everyone that goes on the diet, but I am putting the information out there and people can do as they wish.  I am just trying to be informative.
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    well i dont drive a truck or make lattes.
    and i dont usually judge people just by their jobs or education, that's pretty ignorant.
    just a guess, but im guessing your college friends are not food scientists because there is basically no real science supporting this blood type diet. also i bet you dont really have any knowledge of statistics or how correlation works. take a stat class with your "college friends" and realize how stupid you sound right now.
    this dude knows people's blood types and their diets from 100,000 years ago? u srs bro? it helps everyone that goes on this diet? ok show me a peer review study that show that efficacy? 
    im pretty sure it's against the rules to advertise products like this?
    i think anyone that actually understands science will recognize when someone is trying to sell them some BS diet program.
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    There's no correlation between digestion and blood type, because the body only recognizes macronutrients and vitamins as opposed to food types.
    Your body does not know the difference between 10g of all-20-amino-acids from dairy protein or from 10g of all-20-amino-acids from meat.
    -Person A and Person B have similar or same digestions and no known digestive disorders like IBS or Crohn's or food allergies.
    -Person A is blood type AB, Person B is blood type B+.
    -They both eat 10g of beef protein.
    -Both will absorb 10g of protein. 
    Person A's body won't say "oh, you're eating beef NOPE SORRY NOT FOR ME." And Person B's body won't say "YAY MORE BEEF PLZ."
    Their appetites and cravings might be different, but their blood type plays no known role in this. 
  8. I just sold a psudeoscience book.called eat right for your type at a garage sale. Lol

    Complete garbage theory
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  9. Diets suck anyways. Healthy lifestyles ftw.
    first off, you fail at quoting. 
    second, you are the ignorant one. and if you don't see why, then that shows the magnitude of your ignorance.
  12. I have heard of the d'adamo diet.  Its makes sense.  Every body has a different reaction to different chemicals.  That why some people are allergic to some things and some people are not.
    I think I will try it.
    My magnitude is still one less than yours.
  15. For sure man

    People put a lot of emphasis on diet. But active lifestyles affect health more than diet.

    They are both important but you cannot just sit in front if the tv wating carrots and expect to be healthy

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  16. Couldnt read post. Distracted by avatar

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  17. Nay. Most "experts" are gonna estimate healthiness is anywhere from 70-80% diet and 20-30% exercise.
  18. LOL
    If someone insists that genetics/ancestry does not factor into dietary interactions, they are not qualified to have that conversation on this matter. Do they also not recognize biochemistry?
    Why are many lactose intolerant while others aren't?
    The food we eat has played a huge part in our evolution. You better believe that ancestry-based genetic variations correlates with many aspects of our biochemistry.
    There's nothing voodoo about the blood-type-diet concepts. It's really simple and basic, don't understand what there is to be shocked about. Your body is designed around the food that your ancestors have eaten for the past hundreds of thousands of years. Just as it correlates to other evolution factors. Best health comes from maintaining the healthiest version, diet-wise, as what those foods were.
  19. one credible source to support this, besides you?
    a link to some study that shows correlation? 
    btw, your immediate ancestors ate lots of grains and dairy. or is our body today specifically tailored to what people ate 5 generations ago?   

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