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Diet for passing drug test?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by daltonmc, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. I don't think this is a question that gets asked much in relation to urine tests, so I feel like it's okay to make a thread about it.
    But basically, I've got drug tests. I'm going to quit smoking but I need to accelerate the cleansing from my body as fast as possible. I already plan to do dillution methods to pass the test, and to exercise to help burn the excess fat.
    I also know diet plays a big role in this. What kind of foods should I eat, and what kind should I stay away from? Ive been eating "healthy" foods, assuming that would be better, but I am not sure.
  2. Two words, synthetic piss. You must use synthetic piss, google it. No matter what your body only let's out a certain amount of thc out per day. That's why it takes so long to get it out, no matter what you do/eat/drink your body releases the same amount of thc each day(thats why it takes 30 days, it's a slow process) and you must quit smoking and wait out the period (possibly drug test yourself) while drinking water to help the pee along. Hope this helps, I had to do this once and figured out the science behind it, GOOGLE FTW!
  3. Actually you're wrong, somewhat. Exercising will increase the rate at which your body gets rid of fat, thus burning THC faster than if you're sedentary. Basically, anything to enhance your metabolism will help. I just need to know foods that will help do this, I dont know shit about food besides what tastes good.
  4. I agree synthetic urin is the way to go passed with it many times...yet I intend to never subject myself to such persacution again!
  5. i heard pomegranates and cranberry juice is a good way to cleanse it, theres also fiber(since ur ridding ur body of thc might as well clean the intestine to :)) oh nd sulfur deluted in water, its not poisinous if taken in little amounts.....
  6. Cranberry juice will not do anything. Fiber, may. I'll have too look into that.
    Let me rephrase my question, what are goods that will speed up my metabolism that are low carbs?

    Low carbs because body burns carbs instead of fat if it has available carbs, that is undesirable.

    Oh, and i've got 4 rounds of dillusion method to pass a drug test in the next month. I quit smoking but slipped up. I do NOT want to do dillusion so much haha, so maybe I can get clean a week early and only do it 3 times.
  7. Ohhh you on probation? And they watch ya little penis pee huh? Bummer...

    In reality cranberry juice does do something, it cleans urinary tract, thus is good to use day of test to make what is in your piss reflect bladder, rather than overall body content.

    If you have been clean for 30+ days, and slipping up means you only had a few puffs, rather than you saying fuck it and buying an 1/ should be cool in under a week..

    One final tip, piss first blast into urinal not cup, as the first bit would have the THC in it more likely than rear of urin stream...
  8. No. Not on probation.
    GOd damnit.
    Lets do this over again


    What are foods that will speed my metabolism, basically. I just want foods I dont want tricks and tips to pass a drug test, I appreciate them but I've read extensively on the matter the past couple das, I have a plan.

  9. This thread IS about drug just keep changing rules...I stand by Synthetic Urin as your answer...

  10. Then go to a bodybuilding site, or some shit why you asking a bunch of Munchie eating stoners for diet tips?

    Spend $35 get fake pee sit in waiting room high off ass!! Trust me it's fun, feel like mission impossible first time, after that you James bond with a vial of fake pee taped to leg..
  11. Haha I was giving background information. I thought it would not be unreasonable for a forum full of stoners to be familiar with drug tests, no?

  12. So now we are back to it being about Drug Tests? You are either an idiot, or you slipped up again and are high right now..
  13. You're clearly the idiot. Essentially, yes it's abotu drug tests. Like I said I don't want methods to pass it, I feel I've got that down. I just want what a desirable diet would be to accelerate the process of removing the THC metabolites from my system. Nothing more.
  14. Well if you not high, then I proclaim you to be the biggest idiot of all...

    1) for not being able to decide what YOUR topic is about
    2) for asking Stoners for diet tips
    3) for ignoring the best method to achieve your goal, in favor of a half witted experiment...

    I hope you piss hot, and remain unemployed..
  15. Go ask in the drug testing thread.

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