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  1. I have been lifting for a year and half and have not noticed drastic improvement. I eat somewhat healthy, and be sure to drink whey protein after working out, along with some more carbs and protein.

    I'm not looking for a drastic diet change but what should I focus on eating to build more muscle and gain mass??? :wave:
  2. Increase your diet by 300-400 calories a day and see what happens after 1-2 month(s).

    Eat at least your bodyweight in grams of protein every day.

    Don't try to lower calorie intake the days you aren't working out.

    Don't try to lose fat while you are gaining muscle.
  3. Do as posted by bumtildeath.

    Or you could drink a fuckton of whole milk everyday.
  4. im starting to realize the significance of bulking..

    the problem is that your not eating enough. but im going to start bulking, and probably bulk through the summer.

    basically eat a shit load of peanut butter. bread and pasta and meat. meat doesnt have as many calories as you would expect it does.

    protein builds muscles, but calories repair muscles, so if your not eating enough than your not going to put on muscle. find your caloric maintanence and exceed it by 500 to put on mass.

    im bulking right now, pretty much just eating everything i can and it working nicely. in a couple of months im going to burn off the fat i put on.

    this was a pretty unorganized post but just ask questions if you have any
  5. Working out in the gym is the easiest part of gaining muscle. Nutrition on other hand is a bitch.
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    Definitely agree with this. I use to be pretty thin where I had no muscle what so ever and couldn't ever imagine having any.
    But when I focused on my diet and started focusing on eating stacks of protein, together with lifting, I got results.

    Im still pretty thin at the moment but atleast have some muscle definition now. I eat a lot of chicken breast, which always seems to do me good.
  7. Peanut butter, tuna, chicken, rice and a lot of it.
  8. More calories, but also eating more often is crucial. If you are trying to gain mass, you should never feel hungry. Eat at least 5-6 small meals a day, and snack periodically even if it's just some veggies or a pb&j, which is protein rich. Also, eat nutrient dense foods, stay away from processed junk and saturated fats.
  9. Eat red meat and drink milk. Fat can help release testosterone, and red meat contains creatine. These can both be helpful in building muscle. Make sure you get your veggies in- they contain valuable vitamins and minerals. They will also help make eating a ton of protein much easier on your digestive system.
  10. Thank you, Im starting this.

    What are some of your favorite simple, yet high in protein/calories dishes/foods? Anything from entrees, lunches, snacks, breakfast??
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    Deviled eggs are good, but require a bit of work (boiled eggs, mayo/mustard/vinegar mixed with yolks, pickles on top, salt&pep)

    I like me some easy-over eggs.

    Or Uncle Charlie eggs. (swiss cheese bowled on the frying pan, then eggs cracked over the cheese just as middle of the cheese starts to boil. Eggs cooked easy over)

    Sandwiches with mayo/mustard.

    PB toast.

    tuna and mayo sandwich

    'My' protein shakes are ~700 cal. with a cup of milk, 2 scoops of powder, 1 scoop of oats, 2 tbls PB, about 1/4 cup of Orange juice.



    All of those are actually fairly low in calories(some depend on how you make them). But I eat 6 times a day so the meals aren't huge.
    For the most part, foods that are good for you aren't very high in calories/grams, comparatively. Grease is where the calories are at.

    However, olive oil is ~good for you, and also high in calories. It should be used instead of butter/grease, no doubt. Also good for non-stick shit.
  12. Bump up the percentage of protein you would normally intake by at least 50% and increase overall calories too. If you run a lot you might find it difficult to put on muscle because you're just burning a lot of it off
  13. eat nuts, i eat a lot of cashew and almonds in between my main meals. if you get tired of plain nuts get some trail mix(without M&M's).
  14. Running won't burn muscle unless you are below 5% body fat, and if you run 50 miles a day the only muscle you'll burn is your leg muscles because you'll be over-training.
  15. Along with a good there any pre workout supplements I should consider? Heard coffee can be great...looking for anything GOOD tasting?

    Thanks for advice so far:cool:
  16. If you have a vaporizer, hit the vaporizer and drink a cup of coffee. I've tried preworkout sups with NO and all that shit, nothing compares to vape+coffee.
  17. pre workout supps dont do shit. they might give you added energy through caffeine or something. but you got hustled if you have them
  18. i eat everything. nonstop. allday when im not active. its ridiculous.

    im still 150. but stronger and pretty toned up.....gfotta buy bulk pasta and rice....brown white? whats some good grains fo rme? or lentils? (no beans please). Just carbs basically...lots of em.

    incase your wondering, im eating 4 large meals a day and about 4 big snacks throughout the day. its insane....i have put on barely any weight.

  19. Black coffee if anything. You honestly don't need pre workout supps.

    A good balanced meal 1-2 hours before working out is what you need.

    Also drink lots of whole milk

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