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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by getmesome530, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. what is diesel weed? does it smell like gas? and how is the high?lastly is it super expensive????
  2. The only "diesel weed" I know of is Sour Diesel. Its just the name of the strain.

    I wouldn't smoke your bud if it smells like gas. :eek:
  3. Meh, diesels pretty sweet, a bit on the expensive side, but well worth it most of the time. That shit will send you to pluto and back if your not careful.
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    Haha, it doesn't smell like gas, its just the name of a strain. I smoked some last week when I had a cold and I thought my lungs were on fire. It hurt so good.
  5. I just got back from Pluto dude!
    Deisel (My favorite Sativa Ever) X Grapefruit (My2nd fav sativa ever).
    The smoke was a little harsh, but tasted nice and is throwing me through a looooooop
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    Yes, it does. You must not have had good diesel.

    Diesel iirc comes from the chemdawg family, whose origins trace back to nepalese hashplants?

    Anyway good batches of diesel and sour diesel have a strong fuel odor. They're sativa dominant but its not a clear effect, its very stony and disorienting.

    Lastly, strains dont have prices, dealers have prices. Diesel is as expensive as your dealer wants to sell it for.
  7. yeah, your weed was dipped in diesel truck gas.
  8. the diesel family does have a diesel smell and taste depending on the growing and conditions and sour diesel is 1 of the nicest smokes i have had
  9. Fuck yeah, sour d is probably my most favorite strain, I'm pickin up some sour d todayyy:D
  10. sour diesel is the preeeeeme's1!!
  11. Rite On Bro! thanks for the education im new to the diesel strain ive had several people sell it to me but i have never experienced the gassey smell it was always a sweet smelling aroma like flowers and shit similar to afgoo if youve tried it. guess ill keep lookin
  12. Its like $20 a gram bud
  13. Yeah, that's how much my Grapefruit/Diesel costs. My best Sour Diesel ever was from the old budmail, which was way cheaper than I'd be picking up off my dealer. I'm getting one of: Purple Kush, Godbud or Blueberry/Nebula. And a bit of timeberry too.
    Too bad the post office was closed until Tuesday, I didn't make my order soon enough for 4/20.
  14. sour diesel is what your talking about. It's just the name of the strain. I only smoked it once and it was probably the harshest weed I ever smoked (I took my regular hit and was coughing like hell)
  15. I just got a half o for $150. It's some damn good stuff. One of my favorites.
  16. i said "diesel" cuz ive heard of nyc as well..
  17. Yeah getmesome, Nyc diesel and nyc sour diesel are specific phenotypes of those strains that are popular in the NY area. We get some of the nyc clones in california.
  18. Ive been smokin diff kinds of diesel for almost 10 elvis diesel, sour diesel and nyc diesel to name a few. The trees u had were the nyc diesel strain if it smelled like gas in the bag! Otherwise if u smelled the sour, u would be smelling a grapefruity smell. Lol! Very over powering strain... I i love flavored diesels too...
  19. yea dude
    i wouldnt smoke anything if it smells like gas

    fact: an ingredient in cocaine is gas
  20. Diesel is a type of trees

    it doesnt resemble low octane autimotive fuel lol

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