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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by monsterhill, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. #1 monsterhill, Apr 11, 2009
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    After having been ripped off twice now i finally found someone i trust who is a good friend of mine. He hooked me up with what i was told was nyc diesel i got 4 times as much green as i did when i first smoked and the quality is far better.

    I was not sure what to expect so i put a small amount in a joint and puffed away i felt almost like a drunk kind of feeling coming over me soon later my stress had gone so had my anxiety and i was feeling relaxed and happy like a mellow kind of happy.

    I was told that this stuff is pure sativa the smell is lovely better then any iv smelt before.
    The smoke is smooth even when i put some in a bong it was not at all harsh on my lungs.

    Iv felt nice all day a bit sleepy now but i plan on lighting up again while i am doing some stuff around the garden.

    I could not believe how many crystals i could see when i took a photo with my cam.

    I got 4 of these buds for the same price as i paid for 1 bud from elsewhere
    the stuff i got ripped off on did nothing to me other then make me sleepy and made anxiety worse.

    What do you think of my nyc diesel.

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  2. Thats not even regs man....sorry...looks like mexishchwag
  3. I dont even understand what you just said. What is a regs and mexishchwag
  4. I found out

    Which is untrue. This stuff is from england and if it was low grade it would harsh and crap to smoke.

    Are you stoned?
  5. mexishchwag(really just called shchwag) is realllyyy shitty weed. Your stuff just looks really leafy, but besides that it looks like some mids or maybe high mids by the most. Nothing really special like your making it out to be.
  6. im sure he meant it as a joke that looks pretty good
  7. if that bud is mids too you i wanna see what the dank shit you get looks like...because when i enalrge the OP's picture all i see is green.trichs, and hairs...and fluffiness unlike mids where it would not be that fluffy, bright green, hairs disconnected from the buds and just floating there and that many trichs....
  8. Can someone just speak in terms that a noob can understand please.

  9. That looks like good shit to me. Definitely not a rip off.
  10. he means its good bro not bad
  11. sorry OP, trichs=trichomes which is the main part of the bud that holds the THC those white/amber crystally looking things on your bud(the more the merrier), hairs are the red/orange hairs hanging all over your bud, fluffiness is just that; dense or fluffy, your bud looks looks great to me havent smoked dank in awhile unfortunatelyt being a broke college student sucks ass...and ym tax return is due back before 4/21 so hopefully get sum dank up in me soon.
  12. Ok im just new too all this and not sure of these new words.

    Iv added another photo of it too taken with a better cam / lens

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  13. yep, np bro thats sum fire u got there a lil leafy but the leafs are covered in crystals
  14. looks pretty good man, also i think i might got the same jar as you
  15. Cool its a relief after the first lot i had which i am sure was low quality stuff but since i changed who i buy from this stuff seems to be good.

    One day i would love to grow and have enough to last me through each year.
  16. yea personally i have no problem with leafy bud as long as theres trichs on there..i mean if you trimmed the leaves off yourself it prolly wouldnt even be like .1 grams
  17. thats what we all want bro i grow but cant grow enough to last me a year i simply smoke too much but then again u can never smoke to much marijuana
  18. Yeah, looks like some good buds man. Stick with the dealer you got now because it seems like he's hookin you up with some good weed.
  19. thats exactly what i meant in my post
  20. True. I just have one question what is a good does too take of mj or do you have to find out through trial and error?

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