Diesel Ryder Autos in an Ebb&Flow

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  1. So I'm just finishing a crop, and transitioning into my next batch (a little later than hoped). But I'm starting this to help myself keep a decent record and hopefully gain some insight from any of you guys. All of this is legal as I'm a caretaker and this is for my patients.

    I started this diesel ryder auto seed that I got from a caretaker friend of mine that only does auto. I want to run a combination of autos and nons in side by side systems.
    Right now I'm running the 12 site e&g with 4 5gal bubble bucks alongside. (all of these are autos) They're running under a Raptor HPS. The other side are 3 nonautos under the second Raptor.
    running FF growbig, bigbloom, tigerbloom, and AN budcandy.

    I've been trimming stuff down, getting ready for a new batch. Hung my drying cords, and have stuff hanging.
    I'm starting to germinate the rest of my autoflower seeds(12-15) and 3 Chemdawg seeds (non auto).

    once these are ready to be put in rockwool I'm going to set them under a t5 tray, but that's not hung yet. I need to figure out my floor plan so I can figure out where my t5's gunna hang. I also need to figure out where my res' are going to go.
    Any suggestions are welcome.

    I have older pics from this gro in a different forum if you wanna check them out:
    [​IMG] Budslingers RDWC vs Current Culture UDWC

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  2. It took a while to get everything down and started again. I've re-arranged the lights, added sites to my e&f and added a 6 site monster e&f to the room. I've started the germination of seeds and so I've got 10 in bubble cloners with more coming behind until they sex. I'll put pictures up tonight
  3. Alright so I took a chemdawg that recently sexed and was going to make it a mother, but I didn't have enough jacks on my bubbler. (using a homemade bubble cloner) for these clones and seedlings. So I just ripped her to shreds and hope most of these clones take since it was such a slow growing plant.

    I used up the rest of my dieselryder auto seed. And the clones are chemdawg.
    The other seedlings are OGdiesel x lowryder2 auto(f1) so hopefully I'll be getting a few 12/12s and autos. And some males! I want to try collecting pollen to seed with a few of these babies. I think I had close to 28 starting from seed, I pulled 3 or 4 this am that had withered. everything else seems to be taking.

    I've got 6 tsp of FF growbig in each 5g buck with 4 gal in each.
    I also have 2 clones and seedlings in the chamber if you can see, just to see if the bub cloner is slower than straight rockwool. we'll see.

    any input is much appreciated.

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  4. alright, so sprouts are still very slow to open up. I'm pretty sure its due to the lack of humidity.
    I took to biggest seedlings and potted them last night. getting too impatient to wait for them to sex. I just can't afford to hold them back really. so they're potted. I have more seeds behind, and still some sprouts in the bubble cloner that are small but will get potted.

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  5. started the seeds under t5, moved em under MH 1000w. Last night I potted them and moved under HPS. As I pot the rest of these some will go under the MH we'll see which catch faster.

    --Now going into the pots I only have 1 e&f 2gal system. so they're on the same water as my flowering 12/12s but I put I have 150ml of Grow big in 30gal of water with 50ml of big bloom and tiger bloom respectively. havent read that that will stunt the sprouts so I'm crossing my fingers. pH is sitting at 5.5

    and slight correction. there are a couple different strains in here now as my seed supply has shifted.
    so i have northern lights auto closest on the right side of pic. across from that is a chemdawg clone.
    The middle row is OG diesel x sour (will determine if auto or 12/12 when they sex)
    and the back row is the dieselryder x sour auto.

    This shift is good news though because I have a patient who is doing a seed batch. seeding dieselryder x sour with NL OGd and DRxS. so we'll have 3 different strains in there and the OG is from f1 seeds, so I imagine we might still get some 12/12 even though the og female is auto.- -can anyone provide clarification on this point?

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