Diesel Ryder, Afghan Kush Ryder, and La Diva Grow

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  1. Hey guys this is my first grow journal. I am planning on doing 2 Afghan Kush Ryders, one Diesel Ryder, and La Diva. This is my second grow and I have decided to pick up a HID system. I was using Advanced LED's DS 180w led panel and I wanted to see the difference between both LED and HID lighting systems. I was going to do an EasyRyder instead of the 2nd Afghan Kush but a couple of months ago I mixed up my EasyRyder seeds with my Lemon Skunk seeds. I know that is a pretty bad mix up, one seed being a little auto and the other one being a towering sativa. Here is the equipment I ordered for this grow.
    · 400 watt Quantum Digital Ballast.
    · 400w Digilux MH and HPS Bulbs
    Tent: Secret Jardin DR90 II tent which is 35”x35”x71”
    · Advanced Nutrients MelonHead 8" Air Cooled Reflector
    · SunLeaves WindTunnel Inline Fan 4” 200CFM
    Medium/Nutes: I will be using Roots Organics Buddha grow, Buddha bloom, and trinity. I am going to check and see if any local stores carry any Root Organics soil, but if they don't I will pick up some Fox farm Light Warrior and Ocean Forest.

    I will be updating my grow from start to finish with pictures. Today I used the wet paper towel method to germ my seeds, should be about two days before I plant them in some soil. I haven't seen any grow journals on La Diva, but it seems like an interesting auto. I got for free from Single Seed Centre.

  2. would love to see some pics bro, how is the diva commin along?

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