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    are all under a 600 watt mh/hps htg air cooled euro hood with co2 boost buckets.My closet is 6'bye4'3".Celling 8'.Good size closet.Allso i'm using biontallcare products.
    What my Question is do you guys think they are doing good.They are in the 2nd week of budding stage.

    thanks hope to hear from you all soon




  2. They look kind of small and appear to have a pH problem or micronutrient deficiency of some sort.
  3. That yellow coler is my camera had to turn it off forgot how to was to stoned finally got it and the darker ones are without the flash
  4. I was looking at the little red spots all over the leaves.

    edit: looking again, it's mostly confined to the left one.
  5. they look fine i see no nute def...
    the tip's are burnt from feeding but that's just right during flowering for now...
    look fine...i like the new auto strain's pretty cool that you can just plant a seed and grow an oz or 2 in 60-90day's under any light photo period you want..
    20/4 is the best imho..for auto's so give it at least 20 hours of light ..
    this makes auto's really pack on the wieght..
    12/12 work's fine but 20 hours really makes a huge difference..
    good growin
  6. thanks I did see what the other guy was taking about but other than the little burn tips i thought i was doing good i have been getting up to the max amount of fert and thats probably the reason for the burned tips i started with 1/4 of fert for the 3 to 4 week veg stage then 1/2 of bloom to start they have been growing really slow for the first month and really didn't start growing fast till i gave it bloom fert So far i'm pretty happy so far
    I started off at 24/24 for 3 weeks then 20/24 and they stay like that.My light is 6 to 10" away

  7. this is known as perfect burn..let's you know to give them just water for about 2 feeding's after you see them then go right back to them nutes..
    think of it like a radar for nutes...
    burnt tip's like that are ideal, wait till about 5 week's from now doing that..shit will be a moster...
    what size planter's? look's like a trasplant is about due or soon..i'd do it now since your early in flowering, bump them up 1 gal of space in the planter...
    watch what happen's..lol


  8. I'm glad you just sead that i didnt think i should because of them being autos but i figured if i take them out of the old buckets gently and a little dry it wouldn't stun them that long if your right i need to get soil tomorrow is there any certen way you prefer to transplant them 2 weeks far into the bud stage
    :wave: By the way thank you:wave:
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    any transplant is about the same..just lightly water about 20min before you transplant..
    this will coat and protect your root's from shock...
    judging by your planter's 3-4 cup's of water per plant should be about right..
    20 min later flip it upside down..extract plant all together easily this way..
    then put a few inches of fresh dirt in new planter(do this ahead of time and have it ready so root's don't se very much light ) , insert plant, and fill the rest up...

  10. :smoke:Thanks ill keep u up to date on this thread with pics:smoke:
  11. ya i'm a autoflower advocate lol:hello::p
    i love breeding my reg strain's and i will never, i mean never stop my main focus on them, but the auto's hold a spot in my garden...they are cool plant's with totally unique growth pattern's for mj..
    i dig em'.
    growing IL Diavolo from delicious , great stuff.. try it sometime, a big auto that takes 80-90 day's to finish but under 20 hours of light a day, can yield a few oz's:eek: of cheery skunk crystal city creeper bud...thats the best way to describe it..lol
    i love it, my buddies do to when i bust some out the jar..
    is that that cherry bud! lol:rolleyes:

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