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Diesel Pickup

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by rumandromanism, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. So I got 3 grams of diesel for $50 (not bad, considering my LOCATION). It's so fucking pungent that my car still smells from bringing it home! It's really fresh and sticky, so I think I'm going to cure it for a little in a mason jar.




    The high really kicks my ass.
  2. Nice and potent, and VERY STINKY! I'll give u a +1 REP.

    What do u mean when your gonna CURE it foe a while in a mason jar
  3. I DID NOT write this, but found it online:

  4. Thats some help info right there +rep

    Bak to the bud i love all different types of diesel that looks real nice right there
  5. Diesel always brings a smile to my face, enjoy man.
  6. I was always using my camera in Automatic mode, but today I decided to try out the manual setting. I'm glad I did, because these pictures came out better than any others I've taken with this camera.
  7. good lookin trees man
  8. Ok the curing shit jus didnt make any sense to me, i read it but why the process just to smoke bud. The jar itself to keep it fresh isnt bad. But i jus rather keep it in my grinder.:cool:
  9. If the bud is fully cured, it will taste better and and burn better. It's just an extra, unneeded step that I think is worth it.

    Here's a small bud of some Jack Herer x Haze. Great stuff.

  10. very nice pickup
    looks kinda fluffy hows the density?

  11. It's actually not that fluffy. When I eyeball a bud, it's usually an average of .2 over my guess.
  12. those buds look covered in triches! they look very nice, good pick up
    isnt curing traditionally done after harvest?
    i didnt even realize you could cure afterwards.
  13. Keeping them in a mason jar is better than just keeping it in a ziploc bag. you can still use the trichs that fall to the bottom, and it keeps it fresher. Also, when you have stanky strains like these, it's nice having the jar to lock in the scent. Wouldn't want everyone to think there was a skunk in the house :eek: !
  14. that looks super dank.
  15. Isnt Jack Herrer a cross of Northern Lights 5 x Skunk X Haze

  16. Yes, which you can crossbreed with Haze and get Jack Herer x Haze.
  17. thats some good shit for the price man nice pickup
  18. A mason jar would be the best thing for it, I recently smoked some ak47 I had in a mason jar for 6 months, and damn..its alot better.

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