Diesel day 55 hermies perpetual harvest help

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by koolaidacidlove, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. my diesel's are on day 55 flower and I have banana popping up. If they were the only plants in the room I would let them go, and I would still like to let them go, the problem is that I have three other plants that I flipped to 12/12 10 days ago. Just starting to get pistils on them. Not bunches just on the top branches.

    If I chop in say 10 days will that pollen effect the plants just starting to flower?
  2. if any of the bananas swell up and pop before the ten days then yes in theory some of those pistils and budsites that will have developed more as well could possibly get pollinated, but i'm pretty sure you'd end up with female seeds if that did happen, so it might not be so bad if it did happen
  3. Fuck, try to isolate the plant as much as possible. Remove the balls ASAP (from what i've heard this is the way to go) at the base of the growth to keep from bursting them.. Couldn't hurt to do this OUTSIDE the growroom.. 'Perpetual harvest'? Are you keeping this growroom going all the time? Couldn't hurt to just.. get the fuck rid of it.. Either that or you could be dealing with a contaminated room.
  4. yeah its a pretty shite situation but everything is going strong. I think im just going to let them finish, I have been picking all the nanners out every day to cut down on pollination. I have also been spraying the new clones down with water ever day to disable the pollen. They are barley showing pistils so I think i will be ok.

    Diesel is def. the pickest strain I have tried. Glad I got some kush and durban!

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