DIESEL (chem/dawg) history & hybrids

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  1. just recently i was asked if i knew anything about elvis diesel in a PM and researched it in my cannabibles. instead of just PMing the info back, i figured i'd post it all here for anyone looking for more info on the strains. hope you find it informative.

    diesel & it's hybrids are known for both their high potentcies and especially for their distinctive flavor described as a fuel aftertaste. smokers swear it's delicious even if it doesn't sound like it.

    diesel coriginated from a colorado indica called chem/dawg as a bagseed female obtained at a greatful dead show. then a dozen seeds from that with an unkown father wound up in massachusetts. it's possible that the original female was an hermaphrodite and self pollinated.

    clones from the second batch changed hands when two friends met at a phish concert. the new grower from NYC didn't like the chem/dawg name and called it diesel.

    regarding diesel crosses,

    sour diesel = massachusets super skunk X diesel (very potent)

    OG kush = a sister to sour D

    headband, daywrecker diesel & diesel #1 = (super skunk X sensi northern lights) X diesel

    soma's NYCD bears little resemblance to real diesel & is weaker

    bubblechem = bubbleberry X chem/dawg

    chem/dawg d
    = a pheno from the original batch

    chm/dawg sister = another original

    lemon diesel
    is from oregon

    supersnowdawg = snow X skunk X bubblechem

    super dawg (aka orange diesel) = superskunk X chem/dawg d

    & elvis diesel is SOME member of the chem dawg family crossed with elvis

    elvis is an east coast sative that finishes fast. it gets it's name from it's polyester flavor, but it also has berries and dirt flavors. it has a no cieling high that's uplifting, energetic & creative
  2. Thanks 4 the info on the Elvis diesel.. I knew there was a reason I asked u, as a matter o fact I just chopped 1 of my elvis diesel plants today, I had heard it was a main stay on dead lots and typically shakedown was 1 of the few places elvis diesel could b found. From what i've heard the guy who made the cross has passed, I heard he lived in jersey and I got a few friends from there (where I got the beans)... Peace man & thanx again:hello: ohh ya and it finished in 8 weeks (way good smoke 2 man)
  3. hey, glad to help :)
  4. oh, i just remembered. i read somewhere that grapefruit is a NYCD pheno too, but don't remember where i read it.
  5. where can i obtain this bible you speak of?
  6. just go to a book store. i bought the $25 small version that contains all three of the larger ones which cost that much EACH, but honestly, i didn't like it one bit!

    i reviewed it in the seedbank forum but basically,

    1. half the strains the books reviews are clone only and grower exclusives you'll never be able to buy and the book ignores alot of great strains
    2. alot of the strains he reviews are hybrids of the same small set of breeders
    3. the book is more concerned with big color photos than detailed strain lowdowns
    4. his geneologies aren't always correct eg. he neglects to mention maple leaf indica in his description of mother's finest and more than once, he just GUESSES at genetics which is just bad writing by my standards, if you don't KNOW, the STFU!
    5. he uses alot of bogus descriptions like "tastes psychedelic" (WTF does that mean?!!) and more than once he says "do you believe?" which just makes him sound like he's running a con.

    i bought the book hoping to learn more about great sativa dominant strains like arjan's haze, senor garcia & destroyer only to find i was alread pretty familiar withthe strains he does cover like C99 & A11

    i DO agree with his belief that organics are best and that indicas suck though, but that's not reason enough to waste $25 or even $75.

    the overgrow guide is much better AND it's free!

  7. What's the exact description of the NEW YORK CITY DIESEL high?
  8. good thread, man. + rep.

    ...isn't "snow" also from oregon. I think it's the same strain as "Oregon snow."
  9. I would dispute the Diesel origin story OP...I even just reading in a medical mj forum about how OG Kush (sister of Sour D aka Chem Dawg/Diesel) has the "KUSH" name (Kush refers to INDICA strains, which are couch lock and narcotic in effect) but almost 100% of the time OG Kush (or any strain with OG in it) and Sour D strains are energetic, racy highs. Alot haver this confusion so the story of it coming from a INDICA Chem Dawg are false, even Medical Clubs in California share this, most have their OGs under Indicas since the word KUSH does mean Indica(Indicas originate from Kush region in India/Pakistan) and anything with the word Diesel or Chem Dawg they have as Sativas, one place even had OG Kush as a sativa. The marijuana community needs to check up on this, OG Kush is not really a Kush strain (it is Sativa with "kush" added to the name to sound cool, since Kushes are heavy stone highs) and Sour D/Chem Dawg are dominant sativas at the least (they seem like 100% sativas times i've had em). -Peace

  10. Thanks man for the history!
  11. Grateful Dead Concert -> Phish Concert?? Sounds like a 'story' to me.
  12. I agree.

    The 'Cannabible' books are a complete waste of money.

    The 'Big Book of Buds' books are much better, IMO
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