dieing plants help plz!!!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by indicalover, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. my plants are not doing very well i am growing in soil(bio-biz organic)
    i an using the lucas formula.the water i am using is 6.5ph and the run off is 5.5.i think this maybe the problem and if so how will i fix it?oh sorry the symptoms are the leves are turning yellow then brown and falling off?
  2. pH way too low .. shoot for runoff @ 6.5
    Add some dolomite to the soil or pH UP to the solution.
  3. Pics would help.. Depends on what stage you are in also tells if there is a problem..

    Note: During last stages of flowering, the plants large fan leaves will yellow, die and drop off.. Doing so the plant uses the stored energy in large fan leaves to focus on flower production in hopes of reproducing..
  4. they have been on 12/12 for about 3weeks.i added some lime about a week ago,i added a little to water and then poured in.should i add it to the top of the soil then water.and should i add more this time?

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