Die protecting family or survive solo?

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  1. I made this thread because I'm a bit of a survivalist (a bit paranoid) and always prepare for the worst. My family on the other hand would be pretty useless when shit hits the fan.

    I'm the only one in the house with a survival bag that I can grab and hit the road if something like a zombie apocalypse or a war were to happen, and people are in the streets killing each other/looting for survival.

    Here's the reason for the thread: Would you leave your family behind if it means a greater possibility of survival, or would you stick by your family which would lead to certain death?

    Short form: Ditch family for a shot at survival, or stay with family which would mean struggling to keep them alive until certain death?

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    maybe you are better at surviving, but the decision is really about whether you are worth more than your family. but there's no way to accurately guess this value because every human life is simultaneously worth nothing and everything. so both choices are correct (or incorrect)
  3. I would leave my family behind if it meant my chances of survival were greater. I wouldn't leave right away if I had to go through some kind of awkward emotional shit like "Youre going to leave? *cry* *cry*" but if I could sneak out then definitely I would leave.

    I wouldnt want to though. Be real hard but I'd do it first chance.

    If I knew they would all die as soon as I left I might execute them before I left. Mercy killing and all that.

    I dont see the sense in sticking around in a situation where youre all going to die because of loyalty. 
  4. Whats in your bag omega?

    And yeah if i had too i would leave em, gotta do what i gotta do. Depends on the situation at hand.
  5. i would stay with my family and kill anyone with no hesitation no "stop what do u want,no get out of here,no talking,just a swift round too the chest"...i would however not let that body go too waste and would gather it and eat it...
  6. Do you have that prostate massager stashed in your survival bag?
  7. I'm taking my wife. If she wants to bring people they are on their own, need to keep up, and need to understand its a dictatorship. I'll survive, my wife will survive, if they move when I do and do what I say... They may survive.
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    I hate to say it my family would be dead weight to me. But my uncle is always paranoid the government will take over he has ar's and handguns and a few assault gun with suppressors buried in his back yard with 5 grand wroth of ammo lol . Ill probably make a group of friends like a little gang and just survive or find a bit boat and go to a island where no human has been and thrive off it and build a nice wall with towers around it . lol    
  9. that money better be gold and that little gang of you're will eventually turn on you cause one person or multiple will have an ego trip...watch a show called Jericho...
  10. I'm well versed in survival situations and I also like to think of myself as prepped for scenarios such as this. I would stick by my family regardless though.

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  11. well true but these friends ive known since we were just toddlers . we all got taught to shot guns and survive in the mountains. but yeah i get you but you also cant trust family . by 5 grand i meant 5 grand wroth of ammo 
    what a great idea!
    so five grand wroth of ammo or five grand wroth of money?
  13. i second the question of whats in that bag omega?
  14. 5 grand wroth of ammo 
    odd, you were fairly specific before.
  16. a typo . 
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    Depends. Like mom, dad, and siblings family, or Husband/wife and kids?

    The former, hell yeah I'd ditch in a heartbeat. No way we'd survive together, even if I wanted to.

    For the latter, I would stick with them no matter what. Even if I were capable of surviving on my own I probably wouldn't want to at that point.
  18. Water purifier pump, portable gas stove, enough MRIs for a couple weeks, sleeping bag/pad, 2 man tent, solar charger, first aid kid, various lighting equipment, compass, various knives/tools, butane lighter, portable pots, clothing for different weather type.

    Depending on the event taking place, I'll add/remove stuff. But I also have a ballistic vest, riot helmet, riot shield, duty belt with a firearm/tools/knives attached, but that's absolute worst case because I prefer to travel light.

    Managed to keep the bag under 40 lbs.
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  19. The only thing that keeps me going in life is family and close friends cuz this world kinda sucks, so I'd stay with them
    If they were to die I'd probably give up, I know, I'm weak :p
  20. maybe his sex toys so he can just sex people up and they wont kill him keep him around as a cum rag..or it's medicine and rope,bullets,gum,maybe bud oils with a domeless nail..unlube condoms.a book on how too survive,a book on chemical compounds and composition.etc...

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