Die My Sweet Love

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by dreamasta, Apr 16, 2003.

  1. I just slit your throat, and cut your tongue, I'm laughing at your corpse i hung, on the sweet violent grass, with one spewing last gasp, I heard you whisper a last, breath unbelievably coughing and uttering, spit flinging and stuttering, those words took me off my feat, and butchered me like raw meat, with all these diminished thoughts in the air, and the smell of your blood drenched hair, in a slow motion the blade dropped from my pale like hand , my mouth seemed to take a twist in a complete confusion, it seemed as if I were lacking, I quite didn't understand, for when the time that drew her near, in her darkest hour and I heard the fear speak up from her bloody lips with marks of lipstick that were just a smear, for when I had abandoned her and sliced away at her precious, charming throat, and stood on the stained shore side, I watched her float away in that boat, and realized she couldn't have lied, as I watched her sail off into the blue mist, I wish we'd had one last kiss, as I stood on the rivers banked bottom, I thought, had I just killed myself, or was it the cold ,foggy air in autumn, that was challenging my health, was it that I had killed us forever, had you been sucked up into a rapture of love forever, a calling to take you away from me? or had the Gods of love sent these confused, baffled limb of tangled up feelings, had they put all of this garbage in my head, all this nonsense and pure trash to eat away at my heart and shoot it with bullets full of lead, what were they trying to do, to take you away from me, that's all they ever wanted, for in do the books of love have names that are marked, Is this how love is sparked, If this shall be true, I will take a great loss upon you, It seemed as if we had broke the names apart, It seemed as if we had ruined loves so called magnificent plan, It looks as if it had to come up with a way to fix and regenerate, for this is what had happened, we weren't meant to be, knowing I would never give you up, These feelings were sent to me, to make me loose, to make me die, to make me slay us upon arrival, I hope love has the bloodies of all revivals, And now it looks as if we never happened, so I'm left here with these memories, and tragedies that stick out like a ant that's burning under a magnifying glass
  2. feet* i didnt mean feat
  3. WOAH!

    blown away.

    awards aplenty much required here, now!



    that's fucking brilliant!

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