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Didn't smoke in 3 weeks, smoking tonight.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by smokechambers, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. Didn't smoke at all in 3 weeks, finally got my paycheck today and I'm smoking tonight. Picked up 4 grams of some sour and now I'm at home.
    I have raw papers or a pipe, which one would you guys recommend? If out of a joint I'm planning to put .3 anyway mixed with tobacco. Or .3 out of a pipe?
    I never took a break this long before smoking everyday, what should I expect?
    Btw I'm smoking alone.
  2. I highly recommend 'straight weed'. Congrats, you gonna get baked...just like me:yay:
  3. Take a hit set it down and wait to peak rinse and repeat

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  4. Do a .5 joint of weed/tobacco should get you feeling lit
  5. Tobbaco and weed around here is called a Willy Nelson. Dudes was probably bakes 5 mins after starting the thread lol

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  6. Go grab your munchie food now you gonna have a blast
    Don't forget to giv3 us smok4 report
  7. Pack weed in your pipe and set it ablaze. I see no need for tobacco unless you like the taste of cancer, which many people actually do. Your choice, your life.
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  8. I'm going on 3 months as of august 15th. Hair drug tests are a bitch. I need to upgrade jobs though!

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  9. I assume you already smoked but definitely just a small bowl and a couple hits is all you need
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  10. Nigga light up and ask GOD how to get higher mofo

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