Didnt see this one coming....

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by TwiztidToker24, May 14, 2011.

  1. Found a good grow spot, not the exact one i wanted seeing how it doesn't have as much sun but its hidden more. Anyways i take out my shovel stick it in the ground and the first hunk of dirt i pull up i see a snake in the pile. I HATE SNAKES. I googled it and im pretty sure its a garter snake but still..... Just my luck now if kinda scared to go back.
  2. As long as you watch where you are stepping and don't do anything stupid like try to pick it up you will be fine. You wouldn't make a very good meal for one anyway.
  3. If we don't hear from TwiztidToker24 again, it's on you BOXcarRACER.
  4. Haha yeah from here on out if my posts are inactive for over a month you know i was done in by some giant devil snake

  5. If this happens then I will assemble a top notch crew of experts to hunt down the snake and kill the bastard.

    ...and by top notch crew of experts I mean me and my drunk buddies with more booze and ammunition than the confederate army.;)
  6. u kno what works for that?............VAGISIL
  7. Haha boxcarracer i feel safer thanks to you. Also the spot is near a hunting place that people go to. You wouldn't see the plants from the hunting spot but its not that far off. Is this a bad idea, im hoping to have my plants out of there before hunting season late november

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