Didn't Receive What I Paid For

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Marcellas, Apr 10, 2004.

  1. Ok, I sent my money for the bong showed in the link, in the color blue - A Blue Bubble Ice Bong

    I also sent in extra money, so Simon and I agreed to throw this in - A 5 Pack of Smoking Papers

    What I received today was a blue bong with a different design as shown in the picture, and it DIDN'T include an indent for use as an Ice catcher, as I paid for.

    I also didn't get the five pack of papers. Instead, I received 3 pre-rolled cones and some pipe screens, which I didn't pay for.

    What do I have to do to get what I sent in $70 for? :( [GO TO THE SUPPORT PAGE]critter
  2. man, that stinks... but im sure sj will make good on it, from what ive read, he seems to always make things right :)

  3. Yes, i know that he is very trustable, and that they have a lot to deal with. It's understandable that they could mess up an order, but I still want what I paid for.

    The problem is, I want what I paid for, but I really can't really send the bong back - I have no experience with sending large objects by mail, especially oversea's
  4. And it's not so much the design on the bong that I'm concerned about. Infact, if I got the 5 pack of Smoking's Rolling Papers and the bong was a bubble ice with a different design, I wouldn't even bring it up.

    But I can't even have ice in my bong, and I didn't receive the Smoking Pack that I paid for.
  5. hey dude
    As l said before we are not able to help you in the forums .You have to go to the support page .
    These are just chat forums .

    All grasscity business has to go to the support page.

    l hope you understand.

    edit , plus it is easter .They are having a few days off l would think.
  6. Waiting for a reply in support :)

  7. I will get on this coming tuesday, please send ma digital photo of the bong you've received to support@grasscity.com!

    I'll take it from there!

    happy easter!
  8. Can do! I'll send you pics as soon as I can.
    And I'm sorry for taking this public, but I planned to use a new bong by April 20th ;)
  9. Oh no. I just spent about a half an hour typing up a support and it didn't send. Here we go again. . .
  10. Problem solved! Simon replied to my support today and he's letting me keep the current bong, AND he's sending me the other bong and papers! Thanks GrassCity! :D
  11. SJ always makes good on his orders.. I'm glad you let every one know..

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