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Didnt know where to post this so..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by JayHurty, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. Right i'll just lay it out really simple, haven't smoked it about 3-4 months now after having 2 fainting episodes within 7 days of each other, prior to that i'd been smoking for 5 years straight, normally 4+ grams a day of good stuff and 10+ cigarettes, After fainting the second time i quit smoking all together and had some pretty horrible withdrawal's such as bad anxiety and paranoia, could always feel my heart beating, felt like I couldn't breathe etc.
    I feel totally fine now get the odd hot flush when i'm out in public but apart from that the heart has settled down and I have peace of mind, I've had a brain scan which was normal, a 24 hour ecg which also came back as a normal heartbeat rhythm i'm not sure what other results i'm waiting for but safe to say I think i'm fine health wise.
    whilst smoking I never realised how poor my diet was, easily under a 1000 cals a day most days and liquid intake was 2 cans of redbull and rarely anything else, Recently i've been getting an urge to smoke, not a strong one but i just remember how nice it used to be smoking a joint and just chilling out, but my problem is i'm absolutely terrified of doing so incase I faint, anyone got any opinions or would like to share experiences?

  2. Have a sitter to take care of you.
  3. anyone else?
  4. well it sounds like you were just really unhealthy at the time, and my guess is the slight oxygen deprivation from smoking/holding in the smoke is what caused you to faint...i would try again, but do so with a buddy for the first couple times  
  5. Live healthy and you will be healthy.
    Drink some damn water! :rolleyes:
  6. been eating great, put on around 3 stone and i drink over 2 litres of water now, I just dont want to start panicking over smoking weed haha
  7. I had a couple episodes of fainting.
    1. Was pretty dehydrated and passing 2 fat blunts between 4 people in a stairwell. I could feel I smoked too much and was feeling like it was hard to stay awake - should've stopped smoking then but let's just call it peer pressure. Anyways next thing I know my buddies asking me if i'm ok cause I just fell backwards on my ass
    2. Seriously dehydrated one time and was smoking with a couple friends. Got up from the bench and got real light-headed, I didn't faint but I got that flushed feeling and my vision went black. Had to take a knee and sit back down a 10 minutes or so while my buddy ran to grab a glass of water for me.
    Eitherway the common cause is that I was dehydrated or malnourished and low on energy. Judging from your posts you had the same issue so now that you're eating healthy you should give it a shot and see how it goes.

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