Did your parents ever argue in front of you as a kid?

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  1. It's truly a powerful thing to a kid. Even still, when my parents fight I can't handle it. Probably because of childhood trauma. I still can't believe they did that to me :(
  2. oh of course. and they cursed at me too. bastards.
  3. argued, yelled, hit me, cursed.

    Just parent stuff ya know?
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    a child is defensless. he cant get up and leave when shits going down.

    he is trapped. he is a prisoner to you. to your actions.

    it is all the more reason to be A BETTER PERSON and make the right choices.

    i dont understand how parents(mine included) are so ... stupid? selfish? human?

    im going to (hopefully) be a way better parent then most people.

    you can yell at a child in hopes that they'll learn. you can hit the child. in the end do you think the yelling and hitting was worth it. like is it really worth it.
    they cant learn other ways?

    i feel sorry for children because i understand their position, and they cant defend their own life
    actions of parents as a child = life long effects. why so many people are so old and stupid id beyond me.
    im fkn 20 and i can see the mistakes in people double the age of me. fuck parents
  5. Lol I thought that was normal
  6. they argued more than I care to think about. I can't count the amount of times they fought until my mom was sobbing with tears.

    as an only child it was brutal, especially in long car rides (trapped, no escape)

    From a very young age I played peacemaker, a counselor of sorts. this is not a job a child should have.

    I blame my Dad and his alcoholism, PTSD, and brain damage from his car wreck. At times he was centered and rational, but much of the time he was, in a word, crazy.

    I don't know why my Mom put up with it. I would have left him years ago.

    but now that he stopped drinking things are WAY better.

    I take pride in how peaceful and happy I am in spite of these rough patches of childhood.
  7. hell yeah i think ive heard them call each other every single thing in the book, i cant stand it! its kind of a normal thing
  8. i blame my addiction to nicotine on my parents especially because my father way too much second hand smoke since i was a baby, and I blame alot of my anger issues back than on there fighting, im alot more mature and wiser, I don't wanna follow in there steps with all the negative bs. Even tho they say some really fucked up shit to each other im proud that my father has never layed a hand on my moms even when things get real bad, I would lose it
  9. I don't think it's that normal. Sure it happens alot, but my communcations professor told us that arguing in front of kids is a big no no. He says whenever he has an arguement coming on, they leave somewhere else to talk about.
  10. Not that I can recall. They seemed pretty happy with each other most of the time.
  11. I guess you can call yourself lucky then.

  12. I am so sorry to hear that.

    What would make you feel better? How can they make it up to you?
  13. one night.

    man its hard to explain, especially because they were the actions of a child.

    i was SO pissed. SO pissed. forced to go to bed early and miss my fav. show as a punishment, while my other 3 brother and step brothers watched.
    i layed in my bunk bed PISSED.

    i was so mad that i started like releasing the anger through my body. like one of those body grunts haha. i really forced the 'pressure' out of my stomach.

    ... i 'begged' god to make me the sickest kid ever.....

    now i dont know if god exists and if i believe in him.

    but sure enough i ended up getting sick. i developed what the hospital said was ulcerative colitis... at age 10 or 11.
    i basically had blood in my stool and VERY loose bowels. food was just passing through.

    lol. my mom ended up helping to 'cure' me when she found a chinese doctor who would prescribe these weekly herbs that i would make in a tea. this tea was absoultuly disgusting and had the whole house smelling.
    after thousands of dollars spent their i was cured..

    throughout my adolescents i had reoccuring problems with my bowel. usually just fast bowel times with watery stools. self diagnosed as IBS. (lol bulshit)
    in highschool i avoided eating at lunch and breakfest on occasions to avoid having to poopy at schooly

    the 'close' encounters. the stress. all reality i had to face growing up.

    i today have to watch my diet closely. i cant eat all junk food or i end up with the watery shits.
    have to eat food with soluable fiber. i still have a fast ass metabolism that is a pain.

    thats all. i have a life long problem because of a stupid choice i made as a kid.
    i didnt know better and cant change anything now. its kind of like fuck man i have to suffer with this shit everyday while others are fine.

    sorry for this ramble. just an example of why kids body and brain should not have to go through fucked up things growing up.
  14. sorry not normal i meant common
  15. that wasn't directed at you bro :wave:
  16. yea it was pretty rough
  17. I'd be surprised if anyone has parents that never argued infront of them atleast a few times growing up
  18. Yes, but they always vowed never to go to sleep mad at each other. So no matter what, i knew we'd all wake up fresh n new again. :smoke: Arguing is completely normal. me and my pops had a span of time we'd bitch at eachother for everything. Its just nature brother. If people are caged up in a house with each other for long periods they will eventually get annoyed or irritated.
  19. My rents argued, fought, stabbed, and so forth. Usually was fueled by meth, they divorced when i was 4, lived with my moms cause she told the courts that my dad was the crazy one (lol). Since he wasnt around for her to fight with my moms life spiraled out of control into alcoholism and child abuse.

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