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Did your dealer tell you his real name?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xDS, May 3, 2011.

  1. It seems like all my people have gave me a nickname instead of their name like one of my connects is called "Big Mike" and someone who I met who I can hit up to find something and vice versa is "Boogie". Only person who gave me their real name is this 16 year old dealer lol.
  2. I actually know my dealers personally. Unless the people I went to highschool with weren't named Micah, James, and Michelle then yes.
  3. my dealer is my neighbor and great friend for years
  4. Most my dealers are real close friends and people i know, but way back when i dint have a set dealer some guy went by the name of Spanky, how original.
  5. "the mailman", that's all I know lol
  6. lol i know all my hooks personally so i call them by their real name sometime for fun i will change their names in my phone like my one friend who moved we would sometimes call kingston cause he lived on kingston street lol
  7. I know all my dealer's names. However I don't know any of their dealer's names. I remember back in the day my friend use to refer to his dealer as "Jamal".
  8. I've got both. I've got a guy who lives close and told me his when I told him mine and then I've got a guy who goes by "Zed"
  9. Ive known all of my dealers names, at least their first name except one.
  10. yeah, had a few who went by nicknames though
  11. I have 2 dealers
    1 is a friend I've known since I was like 11
    And my other one is called "cousin mike"
  12. Yeah, I know most of my dealers. I once had a dealer who told me to call him "The Provider" though.
  13. All of my dealers have been close friends so I know they're real names.
  14. I prefer to stay on a first name basis with my dealers.
  15. Haha this thread is hilarious. I've known all my dealers, but that's cause I don't really look the part of a typical customer and finding a hook on the street is impossible here. I can understand anonymity, though. The fuzz don't play games!
  16. Haha my dealers are all my homies/baby girls
  17. lol most of mine have nicknames like Sliq, JB, Wavy, Boo, and my favorite swisss (wit three S's) but the ppl i went to high school wit all use theyre first name
  18. I know all my dealers, but the funniest dealer name I've heard is Dudeman. My buddy who went through him leigt didn't know his real name.
  19. ive known majority of my dealers first names (at the least)...some first and last...and a few just by nickname...

    whats funny is fresh out of high school (i was 18/19) and at the time i was still dealing and junk (to support my smoking habit) and my friend and i (co-dealer i guess u could call him) were standing outside of his house talkin about who we wanna go to for an O...we called maybe 5-7 people......results:

    Don't have an oz at the time but have smaller amounts
    aren't in the area
    not answering the phone.

    during the course of all this theres a white kid that rides by on a low rider bike...he pulls up and was like, whats up bro? need some trees? thinking he wont have what i need i tell him i need an ounce (or the hell of it)...sure enough dude pulls out a gallon size freezer bag FULL to the FREAKING TOP with FAT buds (all buds were like 2.0+ no shake) but i could tell it was some home grown. dude called it, "mountain blast" or some shit.

    gave us like 35g for $200 flat.

    whats funny is when he introduced himself he said, "whats up my name is (i forgot now its been some years)...but dont call me that cuz its my real me JT"...and while i dont remember his name it didnt start with or have a J or T in it. lmao.

    so idk.

    but dude was cool for giving such a fat hook up for so cheap (he eyeballed it btw...we weighed it later as we didnt have a scale with us at this time).

    idk why but the thread title reminded me of the story. the bud wasnt fire by any means but it was MID quality..def not bunk
  20. It funny looking at some of the threads you guys put on here, Were I'm from not knowing your dealer personally is just very uncommon

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