Did You Smoke Today? How Much?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by It's Kicked, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. Yea, I smoked! But it was only a dime of DIRT!

    Better Luck Tomorrow!
  2. Smoked a bowl with my friend earlier today.
  3. That's cool! I had them days where I only smoke a bowl... But, it is better than nothin'. :)
  4. No! dammit. just got really drunk again. I'd rather be blazed, but whiskey is better than nothing.
  5. i smoked bunch!

    bowl in the bong, 3 gram blunt, 3 more bowls, 3 joints. im nice and roasty right now :D
  6. smoked like 7 bowls between 3 people throughout the afternoon. tryin to get a buddy to lend me a bowls worth so i can smoke a bowl and go to sleep. all he's gotta do is toss it over my backyard fence from his balconi. we wouldn't even have to get outta our computer chairs. lol
  7. This is pretty cool!

    So far I only smoked a bowl that I had fronted to me... hehe I'm in a 5 dollar debt. But, it's all good.
  8. shit man i remember a couple a nights i went to this guys house with a couple of friends and chicks (wink) I had like 7 bowls of this hell good weed a was stoned al night and we all greend out like halfway thru tha night it was .G O O D.
  9. That's awesome dude! I smoke about 4-5 bowls tonite as well as takin' a 40mg Oxi Contin so I'm fuckin' wacked! HaHa! :)
  10. A joint and a bowl and Im entirely too toasted

  11. Dude what is oxi contin

  12. WWhat do u mean you smoked 800 hundred pounds is that lke 800 000 pounds of weed or 800 either way its not possible.......... in one day

    Edit: and no your not cool
  13. no i dont think your i liar i just dont believe that you smoked that much b.t.w. im not familiar with how much a pound is.
  14. a pound is 16 ounces, or 448 grams.. shes just jokin with ya..lmao

    i smoked 3 bowls this morning, then popped two 30 mg adderalls and smoked like 3 bowls out of this bong, then at like 8 i smoked this nice and fat blunt, and then another bowl out of my spoon..

    wat a day...
  15. yer i though soo i was like W T F
  16. Smokin' is cool! ;)
  17. yeSssS........
    smoking Is Cool>???
  18. Got up , lit up,still tokin 16 hours later.
    This is normal for me and I've been smoking like this for over 15 years,I will die with a joint in my mouth.

    I don't know exactly how much I use per day but I think I must use between 2 and 3 ounces a week,just looking in my ashtray next to the pc I can see the remains of thirteen joints.
    Thinking about it I just realised I smoke about 25 to 30 Js a day?????????????? SHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Awake 18 hrs
    Minimum of 1 joint per hour
    For 15 years

    Damn that's a helluva lot of gear.
  19. shit man thats HEAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! an ounce would last me like a couple of months at least damn..
  20. haha well i just smoked a j sprinkled with pure kief, got like a half gram left, gonna roll it all into a j for 4/20 and sprinkle the rest of my kief on it.. haha cause i picked up a sack on friday from this new dealer that hooked up o.k. wasn't really fat but wasn't too bad and it was good bud.. haha whoops got off trakc.. just smoked a j, pretty stoned right now

    ya :)

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