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did you realise ??? (i am an idiot)

Discussion in 'General' started by mooglekexin, Jan 27, 2004.


prove my idiocity

  1. hehe green

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  2. [sarcasm] moogleK is a genius [/sarcasm]

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  3. moogleK IS a genius

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  4. ban moogleK

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  1. lol i just realised that grasscitys colour scheme is green :D

    had to share this revelation with the world
  2. Dumbass! LOL! You know I'm kidding! :D

    It's been green since the beginning, Moogle. Maybe you just don't notice little things like that. (Did you realize it or did someone mention it and you finally saw it?) ;)
  3. hehe green,wats the question again???
  4. i dunno, im confuselated today
  5. ban Ban BAN!

    sorry im baked
  6. 33% say bennage !!!
  7. and because of saying "bennage" i must agree :D

    not really mods.... dont ban me

    hope i didnt take too large a risk putting that so far down


  8. ROFL
  9. I just realized today that it's called grass city because it is home to a lot of people that smoke weed(which is also called grass).

    I bet no one else realized this until they read my post!
  10. Mooglegoogle...you like living dangerously! :D

    What is it? This is Grasscity and we are the Blades of the City. Blades of grass. Who came up with that? I can't remember. Who remembers?
  11. I think your a genius I really do

    But yeah my hole desktop is green makes me feel good.

  12. thats what i was trying to say, and the relevence of the colour scheme :D
  13. i noticed stright away as i look thru the shop before i even realised there was a forum,

    i didnt even serch for this place a serch engine pop up had it in, was that fate?

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