Did you move out as soon as you turned 18?

Discussion in 'General' started by Raoul II, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. I still live with my parents for financial reasons, but I was curious what all of you did when you turned 18. Really no one I know moved out immediately. Of course, I'm from Massachusetts, and the cost of living is ridiculous.
  2. I'm 6 months into being 20 and I'm typing this from my bedroom in my parents house.

    They're pretty damn generous giving me the opportunity to kick it a little easier here rather than working full time while I'm studying :)
  3. my dad got kicked out on his birthday he told me, as for me after a few months I moved out.
  4. unless your going off to college for most 18 year olds it is not even an option i been working since i was 15 and now at 19 i still couldnt afford to live on my own between bills and tech school only having a parttime job there is no way i would have enough for monthly rent somewhere
  5. nope, doing my first college semester at the community college but me and my buddy are heading to greenville here this spring, need some more time to ensure that my college life is how I want it and dream it to be. but for that to happen I need that $$$
  6. I moved out of my house once, and I was doing very well for myself until someone fucked me over....

    I had planned to move out again in January and another friend fucked me over...

    I'm 19, I'll be 20 in December and I desperately want to leave my house. My parents are not extremely strict but I love the freedom of being on my own, sadly I feel this will have to wait until I can A) Support myself or B) Find people that are actually reliable
  7. I've been on my own since the 3rd month I was 18, Right into the Air Force.

    Came home and moved back out a month later. I'm on my own now, and things can be tough. But I feel it's better to be out on your own ASAP. You learn responsibility a lot quicker.

    Sure being able to do whatever the fuck you want whenever the fuck you want is awesome, but sometimes you gotta miss a few meals and hours of sleep to make the bills.
  8. hell no. you know how expensive that is?
  9. Turned 18, travelled around a decent portion of the world, came home, moved out, moved back in after a few complications, and about to move back out in 2ish months.
  10. I'm 19 and living at home still...I live in MA so I understand how much it costs.
  11. I moved out 2 months after I turned 18, haven't looked back. It's great.
  12. Moved out when I was 16.
  13. Yeah, I moved out on my own when I was 16. That didnt pan out as I was way too immature to be independant. I moved out again when I was 18 but again that was for the sole purpose of gaining freedom to do whatever I wanted, so I ended up moving home again 6 months later. Im almost 22 and ive been living on my own since august of last year and yes it is everything I thought it could be!
  14. Nope, I plan on living with my mom until I move in with my boyfriend, when I'm maybe 22-ish.... everything in Seattle is waay too expensive, and why? She doesn't care if I smoke, I'm still under her medical, I have a nice roof under my head, food for my stomach... I'm all set. I love being able to save and have a place to go every night. Moving out is too much of a hassle :p
  15. 8 months into 18, kickass job, my own car, and still not enough money to move out. If gas were still $1.50 a gallon, I'd be outta here in a second. But not now.
  16. went to college nearby their house till I was 20. Moved out at that time, since I made enough to get outta there.

    Haven't looked back since....in fact my parents moved to a different state, so I'd end up moving in with my younger brother before I move back in with them... :)
  17. so did your friends not pay there share of rent lol that sucks
  18. no coming home from college in the summer is very convenient
  19. i went to school as an undergraduate out of high school.

    there's absolutely nothing wrong with living with your parents. they should be the best friends you've got. families live together all over the world.

    the only rough parts are smoking and boning haha
  20. Moved out at 16, knew I could do better at living than my mom. I was right. I worked, went to college, worked, went to college again, and am working still. My mom, still suckin on the teat of welfare. Get out there, and live.

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