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  1. Hey blades, whats up? I thought it would be cool if each of us wrote some interesting Did you know? kind of facts.

    Here are three:

    1) In 1834, Charles Babbage (1792-1871) designed the Analytical Engine, the precursor of the computer. He was unable to obtain funding for it from the government, who thought it would be worthless.

    2) The living does not outnumber the dead: since the creation about 60 billion people have died.

    3) Due to earth’s gravity it is impossible for mountains to be higher than 49 000 feet (15,000 metres).

    C'mon guys, this could be a very interesting thread with time :hello:
  2. (1) Macadamia nuts are harmful to dogs.

    I'm not good with comin' up with stuff on the spot xD
  3. I jerk off onto hammers.
  4. did you know- i just smoke my first 5gram blunt, and i thought i would never be able to open my eyes fully or get off the couch again =)... i shared it between me and my homie...

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