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  1. that it appears GWB and Cheney are responsible for the CIA Valerie Plame leak?

    i'm just getting most of the facts together now.

    if you aren't familiar w/the situation here is a brief explanation: Joe Wilson (an aid in the Bush Administration) publicly objected and criticized an assertation Bush made in his State of the Union Speech in which he claimed that Hussein had recently sought to acquire arms from Africa. That information was never even validaded by the CIA and the agency objected that assertation from being used in the speech. It turns out that his wife was a covert CIA agent who worked in Africa and the Middle East.

    somebody w/in the Bush Admin. released some data to a reporter. The info relased exposed the identity of Wilson's wife (a covert CIA agent) which put her life in danger. She has since had to quit her job and is in hiding.

    bush was questioned about this in a news conference and bush responded that if anyone in his admin. was responsibly for the leak they would be fired.

    later he said if anyone in his admin. had done anything "illegal" they would be fired.

    the source of the info that was released was originally unknown and than it became clear it came w/in the bush admin but who in the bush admin. was not clear. karl rove (Bush's closest advisor) and Lewis "Scooter" Libby (Cheney's chief of staff) became implicated in the release of the info. Libby has since been indicted by the grandjury for his involvment and has resigned. Charges are still pending against Karl Rove.

    Very recently, Libby told prosecutors that the approval for the leak came from Bush and Cheney.

    so this is just another example of how misleading this administration is. Thank God it's only about 2 years left and that's it. But he can do a lotta damge in those 2 years.

    recently the media acquired white house plans to use a preemptive nuclear strike against one of Iran's nuclear sites. (the centrifuges that the strike would target are encased in several feet of concrete and a nuclear blast is the only thing w/enough force to guarentee that it will destroy the centrifuges.) so just think how the rest of the arab countries will feel when the US launches an unprovoked nuclear attack against another arab countries.
  2. bush is a fuckin moron shit

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