Did You Know You Are Free?

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  1. Firstly, you must understand where your freedom is derived. Many people are under the impression that the Constitution is what secures their rights. When in fact, we realize that our freedom is primary to anything else. We declared this in 1776 and must keep declaring this by understanding and exercising our authority. As sovereign people we established a government, this government later created a new class called a citizen. Sovereign people are superior to the government in every sense, and with some knowledge can be demonstrated fairly easily in court. Citizens are subjects of the government, the government is subject to the People. Do you want to be inferior to the government or have them be your inferior? The choice is yours and the truth will set you free.

    You have supreme authority, limited only when you infringe on another People. Deriving your authority from yourself and God (being created sovereign in His likeness under His authority) and by your authority the government exists subject to you and other People. Since other sovereign People have all the authority you have, it encourages people to respect one another.

    These things are new to me so I cant claim to have every answer. I do know that laws enacted by your inferiors (government and citizens) cant legitimately apply to you. After all, even laws enacted by fellow People only apply to you if they challenge you in court by a jury of other sovereign People and 100% (all 12) peers agree said law is justified AND the consequence of violation is justified. Example, say i harm you and you take me to court, the jury may agree i violated you but if the consequence is the death penalty, if even one juror objects to your consequences, you lost your case and I cannot be re-tried. Say a "police officer" gives me a ticket for speeding. If he is acting on his own sovereign behalf, he could challenge me in court, if he is repressenting a citation against me as a citizens violation, he will lose as laws enacted by my inferior do not apply to me, a sovereign People, but would apply to a citizen. Citizens are granted PRIVILEGES by the government, People have rights, again, enforced by those who know and claim their rights.

    One thing to note, you can be a citizen for some things while retaining your rights as a People. However, to vote in the United States you must be a citizen, if that doesn't tell you something I will run through it for you. If the goverment is chosen by the majority vote of citizens, what you have there is a problem. If the government is not OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE it is illegitimate. In reality it is not even OF, BY and FOR the citizens. Most of you probably already notice, this government is of, by and for the corporations. The citizens are given the illusion of choice in a sytem where the politicians represent corporate interests, not the Peoples and definitely not the citizens.

    If that doesnt piss you off enough, ill throw this out there. Your federal income tax (is neither federal nor income, i can expound if anyone needs) is a tax issued by the "Federal" Reserve Bank. This bank in actuality is a prive bank, not owned by the People, citizens nor government. Fed chairmen have claimed they are not accountable to the government, that is because it isnt part of the government at all, it is private. But we have a government agency called the IRS, which collects taxes for this bank. Oddly enough, the IRS tax code says that paying an income tax is voluntary, so technically they are not stealing, they are just playing the game better than most of us. YT "Aaron Russo interviews IRS commissioner" and you can hear it from the horses mouth. So you are voluntarily paying a private bank for what reason? Fear? If you know your rights you have nothing to fear.

    I will close in saying, I AM FREE and YOUR ARE FREE, unless you choose to be subject to the government who is supposed to serve YOUR interests. Take nothing i say as fact, it is my opinion based on my research and understanding. I believe if you research this too, you will come to the same conclusion. Educate yourself, free yourself, be yourself!
  2. What about the patriot act?
  3. Im not sure what exactly you are asking. I will say even a legitimate president cannot execute executive orders accept in times of war, other limitations apply. The bogus congress hasnt declared war since WW2 so we are not technically at war. So the patriot act, if i recall correctly, was an executive order. An illegitimate government with an illegitmate president makes an executive order when we are not at war.
  4. i fail to see the point...
    we are free people ruled by illegitimate government?
    also your point about taxes is kinda skewed... yes the tax money is deposited into a private bank and irs exists to manage the whole "taxation process"... but you do know why we pay taxes and where the money goes? (granted, we may disagree with it, but it's not at all like we are just paying someone "out of fear").
    btw, there are many ways to avoid paying taxes... but if you enjoy living in a relatively secure country, mostly protected by the taxes we pay.. then it may not be such a horrible thing. 
  5. Taxes are an issue.  They need to spend there money more wisely.  Most civilians pinch pennies and half of them fall deeper into debt on the daily.  Why can people funded by the government go drop $2000 on a new suit.  Besides why does the US government even care about money they are trillions in debt and will never pay that off, ever.
    $2000 suit?
    do you understand what a defense budget is.. for example?
    or medicare/medicaid?
    i mean we could do without law enforcement, education, etc... but you'd be living in a very different country. and there's a choice of those already. not sure you'd want to set your food there, however. 
  7. You are right but did you know it cost $379 million to 'build' the heathcare.gov site(that's only including the website)  or spending money on planes when they know they are not going to be used, then scraping them.  Do some research, they need to learn how to better use our money. 
  8. A defense budget is what we use to bomb brown people on the other side of the planet, right? :p


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  9. My point is most of us declare ourselves as citizens which de facto makes us subject governments laws and restrictions. You are not free at such point, you are only as free as they say. They privilege you 'rights' and fine you for violating those privileges. Its nonsense.

    As far as taxes, yes i am aware of their function but i also know the limits of their power of taxation. You dont disagree that the income tax is voluntary i notice. I could expound a great deal about the income tax. I also notice you use the general term of tax, but i specifically said income tax, just to clarify. I am aware of where the income taxes doesnt go, im not sure where it goes though. Its a private bank, they dont have tell us where it goes.

    We could also talk about 17trillion they spent (the debt they charged) that they make the citizens accountable for. The government is supposed to be responsible for our debt, our i should say the Peoples debt. That hierarchy comes into play again.

    You dont pay for taxes out of fear, but you justify the taxes for security " but if you enjoy living in a relatively secure country, mostly protected by the taxes we pay.. then it may not be such a horrible thing"?

    This is a fear mongering government to make you "need" them to protect you while they steal your money, boss you around, spy on you, arrest you with no cause, piss off our allies, and stir up every foreign country that they wish. Fear the boogie man abroad or the monster im your closet?

    It is literally up to each person to claim their soverenty and show the government who is boss in America. The people!
    How about the over 1 billion dollar spent on advertising for OCare..lol. What a joke.
    True and not true. I live in the middle of nowhere. I own my own business. I say what I want. I buy what I want. There are things that bug me that I read about but essentially I am free. I don't live under the gun of someone. I don't get the bowl cut. On a macro level things are jacked but on my micro scale of life its all just fine.
    I don't associate with to many people nor do I have many visitors so I really don't care what happens to them in there life. Why should I? No one comes my way to return the favor.
    Do I dislike the taxes and waste our government has sure..but in many cases that is fixed by voting in my local, state elections. Also voting on a Federal level as well.
    In about 45 years odds are I will be dead and like all humans that came before me I will be fastly forgotten. The world will continue to spin and history will march on.
    it's not that brown and white... there are certain benefits to having a strong, modern military besides bombing people on the other side of the planet. fair?  :smoke:
    jobs for scientific and military research, technology that makes it into civilian applications, even a level of security that you won't find in ... zimbabwe for example.. those are all good things that come out of the defense budget. of course there will always be things that we'd rather not spend money on as a country... but until a different system, where you specifically appropriate your tax money to specific things, gets created we'll have to make do with what we've got. 
    so your point is that we are not free?
    pretty sad outlook on life. from my perspective things are simply not as drastic.
    first of all, i have a choice to leave the county at my own will. i can purchase a ticket, pack a bag and move to thailand if i chose to do so in the next few hours. but the question is ... am i only being restricted by the government? or there are certain things that government provides that are actually quite nice.
    i already explained that having an advanced military has nothing to do with fear mongering. 
    not only that, i mentioned a few other government programs, which are very helpful to many citizens. maybe you don't care about medicaid, but what about 66 million people that benefit from the program?
    and national debt? really? how about you stop worrying about it and see what happens? there are honestly much more important things to be thinking about. and you are really missing a few key points there anyway, like our country's GDP, which is not that bad compared to our debt (even if you only take the taxable portion)... 
    did you know that g. bush's tax cut program cost us i.e. added to the national debt ~ $3 trillion (trillion) ?
    (i recall i got a check for $300) 
  15. True freedom comes from civil liberties, not tax cuts.
    Freedom of speech
    Freedom of press
    Freedom of assembly
    Freedom of religion
    Right to privacy
    Due process
    No torture
    Without those your tax cuts are meaningless.
  16. let me phrase it more accurately: did you know when bush was in power he made a shit ton of money of us via corruption?
    i'm not sure what you are saying exactly... 
    my response was to someone complaining about a $300 mil web site... when you compare the usefulness of both programs money-wise building a website pails in comparison to a 3 trillion dollar deficit from which some people got $300... 
    at least a medical insurance can save someone a lot more than $300 ... so comparatively, imo, the amount of money used for the affordable care act was much better spent (or wasted depending on how you look at it) than bush's b.s. tax cut. 
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    im mumbling about something else entirely, that the money 'waste' was done delibertaly, and it wasnt accidental, and certain factions got and continue to get massively rich off the fact that people can't or wont or refure to apply critical thinking. Imagine if the number of idiots who lined up all night for the new I phone actually gave a crap enough about what's really going on, and instead invested their time and money trying to just learn and understand the political situation better.
    What I am saying is that its irrelevant- when looking at it objectively- what program wastes more money, because they are both designed to make certain people money. Its a scam. But I doubt that you didnt already know all this...
    You dont think that the people responsible for this colossal waste of money know this? This was done not because they didnt know it, but because enough average everyday joes would rather allocate their time in walmart.
    I bet if we did a pepsi challenge; walmart shopper vs local shoppers - the local shoppers would be a lot more informed on average then the idiots of wal mart. Dont believe me? go to peopleofwalmart.com

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