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Did You Know That Today Was The Last Day Of Summer????

Discussion in 'General' started by SiN-Drome, Sep 22, 2003.

  1. ? some people say it sux but im kinda happy i love the fall i cant wait till its a lil cooler out so i can walk around high in my hoodie and smoke a joint cheking out all the leaves on the ground.....good times......you know i was thinking i havnt been on a hay ride in a long time....and pumkin pie sounds good as hell with a lil bit of cyder!
  2. i love the summer, lake n'all i'll miss it. but i also look forward to winter! i love snowmobiling!!!!!!!! poker ralllies, so much fun! gettin all geared up! i can't wait. way funner than skijets!
  3. :cheers:

    I absolutely hate summer...the only thing good about it is my birthday. I live for the first day I can see my breath outside...I love fall, and I can't wait until October!
  4. my summer went too quick, but since school started back up fall is a welcome sight
  5. I love the fall. Cooler temps. and the scenery is better too!
  6. i'm looking forward to the next summer vacation already...:(

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