Did you know cigarettes glow?

Discussion in 'General' started by DarthBizzle, May 24, 2010.

  1. So i was in the other room, chillin, takin some bong rips... I always keep a blacklight on

    and i go to have my post bong cig a usual...

    But then I notice, the tobacco inside the cigarettes glow in places...


    Common sense tell you not to consume thing that glows under blacklight... Like glow paint, or semen...

    One more reason to quit hah :bongin:
  2. Bet the weed didn't glow, did it??
  3. Shit no, all nat-ural... I should stick to that hah
  4. What do you expect? Radioactive fertilizer is a bitch.
  5. but that headrush after a killer bowl sesh, is just so nice
  6. But it's legal!!!! It can't be worse than MARIJUANA!!!!!!!
  7. Nuts and fruit also like to absorb radioactive metals.
  8. Umm. What does radioactivity have to do with phosphorescence? Although I agree that there is obviously some bad shit in the tobacco if it glows under UV.
  9. I hear that shits terrible for you, makes you a fatty :eek:
  10. You didnt know they put semen in cigarettes?
  11. This.
  12. Polonium? Isnt that what killed that russian spy like a decade ago or something?
  13. :hello:
  14. Post bong cig...Hell yeah. Always have to have a Newport after :bongin:. Makes my throat feel much better:)
  15. One more reason to quit?
    I'm not a quitter.
  16. The stuff that glows, that's poison. I'm sure it's worth it for that little nicotine rush.
  17. Gotta die sometime, man.
    Far as I'm concerned, might as well be sooner rather than later.
  18. Actually I think that was like 5 years ago but yea it was....extended exposure in highly concentrated amounts. Cigs won't kill you that fast, unless you are truly truly addicted.
  19. qft..
  20. There are quicker and less painful ways...

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